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'Leisure is the soul's well-being'

Since 1956 the International Recreation Association (Tom Rivers, Director General) has served as a clearinghouse of experience for those working in sports and recreation all over the world. This summer, as joint guests of the IRA and the State Department, 17 Olympic coaches from other lands will share all that U.S. coaches know about preparing participants for Olympic competition. Gathered here with Rivers (center) are 10 of them: (in front row) Henry Jones of Panama, Edward Nyako of Ghana, Sindulfo Aveiro Stark of Paraguay, Taj Ahmed Khan of Pakistan, Narciso Rodriguez of Venezuela and Youra Abdoulin of Iran; (in rear row) Kim Chang-Keun of Korea, Mohamed Mamoun of Morocco, Carlos Belizaire of Panama and Brigido Iriarte of Venezuela.

After touring the country to observe track and field championships, they will attend New York University's physical education camp for seminars ranging from nutrition to the role of sport in national life. The climax of their U.S. trip will be the Pan American Games. Tom Rivers, who has spent four decades in the field of recreation, likes to quote Aristotle: "... And the soul's well-being seems to be found in leisure."