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14 Nobody Hits It
Science and art join baseball experts to analyze Hoyt Wilhelm's famous knuckler

20 37 Men to Beat the Russians
On the U.S. track team decided at the AAU meet is a powerful blend of youth and maturity

22 Spectacle: Eagle in Full Flight
The astonishing maneuvers of the magnificent American bird, in color by David Goodnow

31 Ladies' Day Is Really Here
Just see who's ready to back a new baseball team, in a third league, in New York

34 Meet the Pee Wee Golf Champions
With pivot and divot, the cream of the 3-to-16-year-old crop show Dad how

40 Indian Idol
Handsome Rocky Colavito, hero of Cleveland's bobby-soxers, in a two-page color photograph

49 How to Train Trailing Hounds
In Part II of a series, Expert Fred Huyler describes the schooling of dogs that hunt by scent

58 Return of the Peacemakers
TV has brought back the famous Colt revolver and with it fun and problems. By Coles Phinizy

The departments

7 Scoreboard
10 Baseball's Week
12 Coming Events
27 Events & Discoveries
32 Wonderful World
36 Harness Racing
38 Tip from the Top
42 Food
44 Charles Goren
45 Horse Racing
46 Horse Shows
48 Motor Sports
61 19th Hole
64 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 7

Cover: Golden eagle

This imposing specimen with powerful outstretched wings and sharp talons has lived "free in captivity" for five years. For other rare pictures of him in color, turn to page 22.

Photograph by David Goodnow














Next week

•You will be able to relive the highlights of the heavyweight championship fight at ringside with Martin Kane—and see it all re-created in a series of dramatic pictures.

•On the eve of the Honolulu yacht race, a PREVIEW by Carleton Mitchell and Mort Lund plus, in cutaway drawings, details of the rejuvenated Nam Sang, which could win.

•Beginning the story of an ocean flight with Pilot Max Conrad, and his own story of how he set his nonstop record, "the greatest solo flight performance since Lindbergh's."