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12 America Loses the Big Crown
Ingemar Johansson, undefeated European champion, takes the heavyweight title to Sweden

20 Mr. Anderberg's Odyssey
Sweden's No. 1 sports fan travels 3,000 miles to victory, and our man is right with him

22 Spectacle: Rodeo's Rough Riders
The cowboys' battle against broncos and Brahma bulls, photographed in color by David Goodnow

28 Welcome to the Ingo Era
Johansson's detonating right has changed the weather horizons of boxing itself

34 The Stars of the Show
Roy Terrell looks ahead to the All-Star Game, and Walter Bingham introduces Jimmie Dykes

44 The Kramer Cast Needs a Plot
Jack Kramer's touring tennis pros wind up their U.S. tour at Forest Hills amid apathy

48 Mechanized Marvel of the Sea
She's Nam Sang, a favorite in the Honolulu yacht race. Drawings and color—and Carleton Mitchell

62 Adventure with a New Lone Eagle
Beginning a flight with the modern Lindbergh, Max Conrad, and the log of his record journey

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7 Scoreboard
8 Baseball's Week
10 Coming Events
28 Events & Discoveries
42 Food
44 Tennis
46 Charles Goren
57 Boating
58 Golf
69 19th Hole
72 Pat on the Back

Cover: The big fight

The only picture in full color of Ingemar Johansson's astonishing victory that you will see this week shows the power that buckled Floyd Patterson's sturdy legs and took the heavyweight title to Sweden.

Photograph by Hy Peskin

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Next week

•A powerful rebuttal is ready for those who denigrate the teen-ager, for you will find her in all her charm getting ready to upset the Australian swimmers in the '60 Olympics.

•From Hollywood Park in California, Whitney Tower pinpoints where a dollar at a race track really goes and explains the intricacies and operations of the administration.

•Two great sporting classics, Wimbledon and the British Open golf, will be reported from the other side by John Metcalf and Henry Longhurst, distinguished English writers.