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Craft for Kids

Like Tom Swift of fiction, the youth in the hydrofoil above and the young boys in their outboard runabouts below are swishing around the seas magically these days. The difference, of course, is that none of these boats is imaginary. From the cold waters of Puget Sound to Miami's Biscayne Bay, small boats, some looking like converted bathtubs, others like miniature hydroplanes, are the coming thing. Well built but inexpensive, they capture children's imaginations everywhere. Best of all, they make excellent trainers for future yachtsmen.

Bat Hydrofoil can skim water at 30 mph, is remarkably stable and costs $460.

Bayou Sportsman, made of fiber glass, suspends seat between sponsons; $225.

Rugged Runabout planes over water at 28 mph; $179, F.O.B. Greenwich, Conn.

Sporty Inboard, 6½ feet long, has own racing class; $485, Wilmington, Calif.

All-Purpose Dink of Dylite won't sink, can carry 250 pounds; $40, Philadelphia.

Family Boat, made of fiber glass, is stable, roomy; $495, F.O.B. Braintree, Mass.

Rubber Tub accommodates two persons or 350 pounds, can use 3½-hp motor; $89.