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14 Invaders from below the Equator

Alex Olmedo of Peru and Maria Bueno of Brazil captured the honors at Wimbledon

Gary Player of South Africa won the British Open while some countrymen got the laughs

18 Spectacle: Ambitious Misses
Action photographs in color of the talented girl swimmers with Olympic medals on their minds

29 Halfway Holiday
Do half the nation's sportsmen sometimes wish the other half would drop dead? Could be

30 A Queen Watches the Queen's Plate
Elizabeth II enjoys the 100th running of a race honoring her great-great-grandmother

34 Why Ingo Is Champ
A pictorial analysis by Martin Kane of the way in which Johansson won the heavyweight title

41 The Big Business at a Race Track
Whitney Tower tells how they run a very large industry at Hollywood Park

55 Field Training: Rugged Retrievers
In Part III of a series, Handler James Cowie tells how to school the six most popular dogs

62 Part II: The Long Flight
Concluding a transatlantic adventure with Max Conrad and, in pictures, his recent record trip

The departments

7 Scoreboard
10 Baseball's Week
12 Coming Events
23 Events & Discoveries
30 Wonderful World
47 Tip from the Top
48 Baseball
52 Food
61 Charles Goren
69 19th Hole
72 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 7

Cover: Becky Collins

Becky is one of the dedicated teen-agers who will be in the women's AAU swimming championships next week. Some of her friends are shown in color on pages 19 to 22.

Photograph by John G. Zimmerman














Next week

•On the eve of the second climactic U.S.-U.S.S.R. dual track meet, July 18 and 19 in Philadelphia, Tex Maule previews the competition, event by event, and picks winners.

•In action on a weather leg, meet Star class sailors Skip and Mary Etchells, a comely but raucous husband-and-wife team that almost always wins and never looks very bad.

•Visiting San Francisco's great Golden Gate Park, Horace Sutton reports on buffaloes and rhododendrons and a charming tradition of green grass and no "keep off" signs.