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10 Here They Come!
A tough, dedicated track team from the U.S.S.R. challenges the U.S. Tex Maule picks the winners

14 Spectacle: Eskimos at Play
Artist John Groth sketches the fun and furious games of an all-too-short Hudson Bay summer

26 Old World's New Heartthrob
Ingemar Johansson, who proved right was might, returns in triumph to an adulatory Sweden

30 Bill Shea and the Third League
A fast-talking New York lawyer blazes a trail which may lead straight to the big leagues

34 Safe at Home!
The dramatic action of a play at the plate is caught in color by Hy Peskin

36 Star Racers and Stormy Spouses
The sailing teem of Skip and Mary Etchells battle it out on a weather leg. By James Poling

48 A New Bantamweight Champ
James Murray tells how José Becerra won the title, to the uproarious delight of old Mexico

60 Golden Greenwood
San Francisco's shimmering Golden Gate Park and the man who made it greet. By Horace Sutton

The departments

7 Scoreboard
8 Baseball's Week
9 Coming Events
26 Wonderful World
42 Boating
46 Food
48 Boxing
50 Horse Racing
52 Harness Racing
54 Horse Show
56 Charles Goren
57 Golf
65 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 7

Cover: Vasily Kuznetsov

The handsome Russian on the cover is one of the world's finest track athletes. To see how he and his teammates will fare against the U.S. this week, turn to page 10.

Photograph by James Whitmore














Next week

•A bibulous boniface whose Manhattan tavern has become a recognized dateline in the Wonderful World of Sport opens a sentimental album of photos as Toots Shor's closes.

•A report on the many cults of the Body Beautiful, from the substantial Vic Tanny to Muscle Beach, with a special look at the daddy bodybuilder of them all, Charles Atlas.

•A box-seat visit with Frank Lane, the man who reads everything and says everything, as he watches his league-leading Indians play four big games against the Yankees.