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14 Victory with a Smile
The track meet with Russia was a wonderful and thrilling success. By Tex Maule

31 The Joys and Agonies of Frank Lane
The Indian general manager fires a barrage of colorful commentary as his team is beaten

38 The $65,000 Fiasco
The Cane Pace at Yonkers Raceway was a discreditable spectacle, protests Jeremiah Tax

41 The Salad Master
From Big Sur, Calif., Nicholas Roosevelt reveals his secrets on making summer salads

42 Transpac: Test of Boats and Men
From aboard "Nam Sang," Carleton Mitchell reports in vivid detail on the Honolulu race

58 Far Out Beyond Fitness
In the first of two parts, Stephen Birmingham takes a new look at the cult of the Body Beautiful

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8 Scoreboard
10 Baseball's Week
12 Coming Events
24 Events & Discoveries
32 Wonderful World
38 Trotting
41 Food
42 Boating
50 Horse Racing
52 Charles Goren
55 Tip from the Top
65 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgement on page 8

Cover: Tools Shor and pals

The sports world's most famed saloon keeper is given a party full of laughs by some old friends. For others who enjoyed Toots's hospitality, see pictures on pages 32-37.

Photographs by Lee Friedlander














Next week

•Trotting's first race of international champions, at Roosevelt Raceway August 1, features horses from seven countries, a $50,000 prize. A preview by Jeremiah Tax.

•The Giants and Dodgers return from road trips leading the league. An intimate look at the teams and their excited fans, who root for a World Series on the West Coast.

•A survey of the Snipe, snappy, scrappy lightweight of the class boats, which has won worldwide esteem not only as one of racing's thoroughbreds but also for plain fun.