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USLTA and major regional championships into October

July 27-Aug. 1 USLTA Girls' 15, Chicago.

July 27-Aug. 1 Open Lawn Tennis Tournament, Tunbridge Wells, England.

July 27-Aug. 1 Eastern Grass Court (girls), Staten Island, N.Y.

July 27-Aug. 2 USLTA Junior & Boys', Kalamazoo, Mich.

July 27-Aug. 2 Southampton Invitational Tournament (men), Southampton, N.Y.

July 27-Aug. 2 USLTA Hard Court Championships, Denver.

Aug. 2-9 National Championships (hard court), Copenhagen, Denmark.

Aug. 2-11 International Tennis Tournament, Hamburg, Germany.

Aug. 3-8 Western Canada Championships, Vancouver, B.C.

Aug. 3-8 Open Lawn Tennis Tournament and Hampshire Championships, Bournemouth, England.

Aug. 3-9 Eastern Grass Court, South Orange, N.J.

Aug. 4-8 National Jaycees, Phoenix, Ariz.

Aug. 10-16 Newport Invitational Tournament (men), Newport, R.I.

Aug. 11-16 Delaware Grass Court (girls), Wilmington, Del.

Aug. 12-15 Pacific Northwest Senior Sectional Championships (closed to members of PNW clubs), Cowichan Station, B.C.

Aug. 16-23 USLTA Doubles, Chestnut Hill, Mass.

Aug. 16-23 Intermountain Sectional; Colorado Springs.

Aug. 17-23 Gulf States Championships, Baton Rouge.

Aug. 18-21 USLTA Girls' Intersectional Team Matches, Germantown, Pa.

Aug. 24-29 USLTA Girls', Philadelphia.

Aug. 24-30 Manchester Invitational Tournament (women), Manchester, Mass.

Aug. 27-Sept. 7 Pan American Games, Chicago.

Aug. 28-30 Rocky Mountain Tennis Championships, Cheyenne, Wyo.

Aug. 28-30 Davis Cup Challenge Round, Forest Hills, N.Y.

Aug. 29-Sept. 7 Colorado Centennial Championships, Denver.

Sept. 4-13 USLTA Singles & Mixed Doubles, Forest Hills, N.Y.

Sept. 7-12 South of England Lawn Tennis, Eastbourne, England.

Sept. 17-27 Pacific Southwest Invitational Tournament, Los Angeles.

Sept. 26-Oct. 4 Pacific Coast Championships, Berkeley, Calif.

Oct. 2-4 Western States Senior Championships, Salt Lake City.

Oct. 9-11 First Annual USLTA Seniors' (35) Hard Court Championships, Sacramento.