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Tony Brooks, 27, auto-racing dentist from England, pushed his Ferarri up to an average 143.5 mph over a wet and treacherous track in West Berlin, beat American Dan Gurney in 309.5-mile Grand Prix of Germany.

Jimmy Sykes, handsome 17-year-old Manhasset Bay skipper who took junior honors at the Larchmont Race Week this year, sailed his Lightning, Dixie, to second Eastern Junior Race Week title at Greenwich, Conn.

Vicki Palmer, 14-year-old Phoenix, Ariz. tennis star known for her big serve, successfully retained National Girls' tennis crown by defeating Peachy Kellmeyer 7-5, 8-6, after winning doubles, at Chicago.

Faye Sconyers, attractive, sharp-eyed sharpshooter from Modesto, Calif., scored 2,182 points to win Women's Instinctive Archery title (no sighting devices allowed) at National Field Archery Tournament, Bend, Ore.

James Hickey, 39, assistant football coach to the late Jim Tatum at North Carolina signed three-year contract as head coach with good prospects for a strong eleven, intends to carry out Tatum's plans for team.

John Sherer, 18, of Philadelphia, was voted most valuable lineman after he recovered fumble, blocked kick, as Pennsylvania high All-Staters beat National high school All-Americas 18-0 at Hershey, Pa.

Sylvia Haffke, graceful 19-year-old secretary from Chicopee Falls, Mass., representing Agawam Skating Club, rolled off with Senior Ladies crown in American Amateur Roller-Skating Championships, Boston.