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Babes of the Woods—and Irons


A golf course, almost any golf course, is beyond all argument one of the most esthetically pleasing sights in sports. Trimmed, landscaped, bucolic and imbued with a sense of leisure which most of those who play on it often wish they could themselves actually possess, as they drive, swing and putt their way around, it is an almost perfect backdrop for any kind of contemplation—particularly girl watching. Golfers, alas, do not give too much time to this, being intent on their own game (and also, by hallowed tradition, rather anti-girl-on-golf-course, as Joan Flynn Dreyspool points out on pages 39-41). Magazine editors, however, are less likely to be thus inhibited, particularly when the girls begin to gather for an event such as the 59th USGA Women's Amateur Championship, which will begin next week at the Congressional Country Club in Washington, D.C. To honor those who will staunchly reaffirm the rightness of women's presence on the links, a gallery of pretty and highly competent girl players has been assembled on the following color pages. Most of them will be competing, including the defending champion Anne Quast (see cover) who could be the ninth woman in the 65-year history of the event to win the title twice or more in a row; and Judy Frank Jablow (page 36) who, having at first announced that marriage and career would prevent her from participating this year, proved that women are still women, even if they are golfers, by changing her mind.

Joanne Goodwin
A piquant and stylish 23-year-old from Haverhill, Mass., she possesses a wonderfully aggressive golf game and has been on the verge of a tournament victory many times this year, finishing second in the Doherty, North and South and Eastern amateurs.

Judy Frank Jablow
Blonde, energetic and 24, Judy is one of the most successful golfers in the New York area but has yet to do anything important nationally. Recently married and hard at work as associate editor of Golf magazine, she will not compete in this year's Amateur.

Sharon Fladoos
Only 16 and 5 feet 6 inches tall, Sharon, a junior at Dubuque, Iowa high school, has a promising future in golf. She takes pride in her deft work on and around the greens.

Anne Richardson
This tall blonde with the turned-up nose is 23, works as an investment broker in Columbus, Ohio. She was on 1958 Curtis Cup team, also reached 1957 Amateur semifinals.

Polly Riley
One of the most competent performers in women's golf, Miss Riley, from Fort Worth, has been on six Curtis Cup teams, reached finals of the 1953 Amateur championship.

Judy Eller
This attractive girl of 18 hits the ball a long way and will be a favorite in Washington. She has won two national junior girls' titles, is now in the midst of a great year.

Judy Bell
Lively, willowy and a long hitter, she is 22, a senior at Wichita University. This year she was runner-up in
both South Atlantic and East Coast amateurs.

Jo Anne Gunderson
Amateur champion in 1957, she is 20, comes from Kirkland, Wash. and is probably longest hitting amateur. She is current Western Amateur champion.

Betty June Bobel
Cute and demure, Miss Bobel lives in Warwick, R.I. She is 21, has already won her state title three times, the state junior girls' championship on two occasions.

Toni Woolworth
This sophisticated young socialite from Connecticut created a major upset last year at Darien by defeating former British champion Philomena Garvey.