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12 The Big Four Meet in Paris
How the egg of a new international boxing promotion alliance was laid in a Paris hotel

16 Continually in a Cloud of Dust
The National League pennant race swirled through California as the big teams met head on

18 Spectacle: Youth's Concrete Joys
City kids convert the hot streets into a giant playground during the summer months

29 The Most Perilous Sport
The Karakoram has claimed another party of thoughtful, unlucky mountain men

32 The Tennis Future in Kalamazoo
The U.S. Junior Championships have ushered onstage a new generation of youngsters

34 Babes of the Woods—and Irons
Some expert—and pretty—golfers in color, and a view of the women's game by Joan Flynn Dreyspool

42 The Bullfight's Greatest Rivalry
Ernest and Mary Hemingway and John Blashill report on Ordó√±ez and Dominguín

62 Who in the World but Larry?
Part I of a three-part series on The Great MacPhail and his many lives by Gerald Holland

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Cover: Anne Quasi

Pretty Anne Quast defends her Women's Amateur Golf title next week against a bevy of good-looking girls, several of whom are shown in color portraits on pages 35 to 38.

Painting by Daniel Schwartz














Next week

Stavros Niarchos is the No. 1 owner and operator of ships in all the world. Among them is a beautiful three-masted schooner—hauntingly photographed in color by Brian Seed.

Having gone on safari in Africa, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S Virginia Kraft goes hunting on "the 49th frontier" and comes home with two record trophies and an exciting story.

While boxing is embroiled in investigations, there is, we are glad to say, a real fight worth reporting. Martin Kane describes the Archie MooreYvon Durelle return match.