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Clarence Chaffee, Williams College tennis coach and director of New England tennis championships, was named coach of Junior Davis Cup team, will see them through the Nationals at Forest Hills September 4.

Beth Iffland, 16-year-old Wilton, Conn. equestrienne, borrowed a mount, Beelzebub, and outrode a dozen rivals to win newly offered President of United States Trophy at Ridgefield, Conn. horse show.

Larry Lee, 17-year-old Spokane golfer who carries own bag even in tournaments, defeated Mike McMahon, 16, of Atlanta, 2 up in the final 18, to take the national junior golf championship at Palo Alto, Calif.

Helen Wills Roark, eight times Wimbledon, seven times National tennis champion, was named to the National Tennis Hall of Fame, along with the late Bill Tilden, who ruled the courts with her in the 1920s.

Louis G. Lindsey, 38, coxswain under California's Ky Ebright, later head rowing coach at Stanford, was named crew coach at U.S. Naval Academy, will replace retiring dean of crew masters, Rusty Callow.

Bob Schuley, 13-year-old gunner from St. John's Military Academy, Delavan, Wis., became youngest ever to shoot his way to world all-gauge skeet title, after shooting 100 straight to break tie at Virginia Beach.

Mary Freeman Kelly, former national backstroke champion and wife of Olympic Single Sculler Jack Kelly Jr., coached Philly's Vesper swimming team to new U.S. women's 400-meter freestyle-relay record with 4:25.6.