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In august, when the searing sun has broiled the very will to work and the worker as well, a great vacation exodus permits some flight from the intolerable. But what of those whose roles allow them no such brief summer sanctuary precisely when it is most needed? A Vice-President when national affairs demand round-the-clock attention, a Senator when the Senate stays in session, a heavyweight champion when his concerns become a monumental maze, a contender training for a title bout—what do they do to offset the season?

One good remedy is a change of pace. And so last week found the Vice-President in a football locker room, the Senator in baseball flannels, the champion at the wheel of a Ferrari, and the contender using a baseball bat to bash the hide of a punching bag.

Senator Henry M. Jackson led his staff in a softball game against the office of Senator Russell B. Long. At stake was a case of Louisiana shrimp against a case of Washington salmon. The game ended in a tie at 2-2.

Vice-President Nixon went to College All-Stars dressing room after game against the Colts, showed passing form to delight of onetime passing great, now All-Star coach, Otto Graham. (For more Nixon, see page 31.)

Champion Ingemar Johansson, sports car buff in spite of near-serious accident last month, took a Ferrari on demonstration drive at race in Falkenberg, Sweden with comely Birgit, curls blowing in the wind, seated alongside.

Contender Gene Fullmer, training for his middleweight title fight against Carmen Basilio, used a baseball bat (Willie Mays model) for exercise against the bag. He says it strengthens his shoulder muscles and aids pivot.