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10 Meet Mr. X
His FBI number is 4817958, and he is wanted for questioning in the big fight-promotion scandal

14 Bad One for the Braves
Milwaukee blew its big chance to gain on the Giants and Dodgers by losing three games

16 Pan Americans in Chicago
Athletes from 24 nations gather for a Western Hemisphere preview of the Olympic Games

18 Spectacle: Lincoln Drove Here, Too
Richard Meek's camera catches the action and artistry of the Hambletonian in its rural home

29 The Sports World Looks to Daddy
Thoughts on the sudden appearance of yesterday's faces on today's sports pages

34 The Triple Jumper from Brazil
A report from Rio de Janeiro on Adhemar da Silva, best of all Latin American athletes

48 Dodger Dandy
Big Don Drysdale, star of the Los Angeles pitching staff, in a two-page color photograph

54 How to Win the Davis Cup
Ex-Davis Cup Captain Billy Talbert analyzes America's chances of keeping the old mug

58 Part III: The Great MacPhail
Concluding his series on flamboyant Larry, Gerald Holland sheds new light on the Rickey feud

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65 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

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Cover: Parry O'Brien

Shotput record holder Parry O'Brien is one of thousands of Western Hemisphere athletes who gathered in Chicago this week for the Pan American Games (see page 16).

Photograph by Ernst Haas














Next Week

•The best tennis player on the American squad in this week's Davis Cup Challenge Round is a Peruvian named Alex Olmedo. A personality report by James Murray.

•The Dodgers meet the Giants in Los Angeles, and the Indians take on the White Sox in Cleveland. On-the-spot reports of crucial days in the big league pennant races.

•The miracle of the Pacific salmon, with a special look by famed Angler Roderick Haig-Brown at two of the world's greatest game fish—the giant king and the coho.