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10 The Battle for the Davis Cup
The match and the man Olmedo. A critique by William F. Talbert, plus a personality report

16 Spectacle: Youngsters' Seashore
The happy days of childhood on the soft edge of the ocean, photographed in color by Toni Frissell

22 Yes, Virginia, There Is a St. George
Boxing is not hopeless, despite the fact that its white knights tend to tarnish in the limelight

30 Big Weekend for Giants and Sox
The San Franciscans won a crucial game, and Chicago just about salted away a pennant

32 Victory According to Plan
Martin Kane tells how Gene Fullmer roundly defeated Carmen Basilio for the middleweight title

34 Miss Dimples Wins the Cup
Young Barbara McIntire wins the women's amateur golf championship, ending a 10-year search

38 Watery White Tornado
Canada's Miss Supertest III comes spraying through to win motorboating's top prize

40 The Admiral and the Kids
Father of Little League baseball in Puerto Rico, Dan Gallery is a shamelessly partisan fanàtico

50 Autumn's Golden Quest
The magic of a railbird shoot in the salt marsh of Maryland is captured in color

56 Miracle of the Salmon
An autumn report by Roderick Haig-Brown on the Pacific coast game fish that runs in the millions

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5 Scoreboard
6 Baseball's Week
21 Events & Discoveries
28 Wonderful World
44 Food
46 Horse Racing
53 Tip from the Top
54 Charles Goren
65 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 5

Cover: Alex Olmedo

A Peruvian boy with a tennis racket bewildered and frustrated fans last week. See page 10 for a report on the Davis Cup finals and a story on the enigma of Alex Olmedo.

Photograph by John G. Zimmerman














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•Starting on September 14 Golfer Charlie Coe will be called upon to defend his national amateur title. A portrait in words of the champion by Herbert Warren Wind.

•What's the big news in fall fashions for the sportsman and sportswoman? The Quarterly Sporting Look Preview will tell you in a 16-page section of color and highlights.

•Meet the Knox brothers, the extraordinary athletes and sportsmen who will ride hell-bent-for-action in the U.S. polo open championships on the fields of Oak Brook.