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16 Happy Man on a Moor
His other missions accomplished, Ike gratefully traded political fanfare for Scottish fairways

20 Despite All, a Delightful Show
The Pan American Games in Chicago stood up to difficulties and came off in fine style

24 Biggest Out of the Week
Cleveland's Minnie Minoso came tearing home to score—and the Gone Sox threw him out

26 The Year Casey Quit
Gerald Holland saw Ol' Case doze off in the dugout. This is the wistful dream he may have had

32 The Beat of Their Wings
Almost audible evidence that the nation's flyways are not yet barren of wildfowl

40 The West Awaits the World Series
Too much too soon for the expectant Coast cities? You can't help liking their spirit

45 High Noon at Broadmoor
Rangy Charlie Coe is set to shoot it out for the Amateur golf title. By Herbert Warren Wind

48 The Falcon: New Fling For Ford
A new era of American automotive manufacturing opens with the compact Falcon

52 The Sporting Look for Fall
In a quarterly preview, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED presents the soon-to-be-fashionable "field look"

88 School of Hard Knox
Introducing two extraordinary athletes, Seymour and Norty Knox, who were trained to win

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8 Coming Events
12 Scoreboard
14 Baseball's Week
35 Events & Discoveries
50 Trotting
66 Tip from the Top
69 Horse Racing
76 Horses
93 19th Hole
96 Pat on the Back

Cover: Charlie Coe

This lean Oklahoman seeks his third U.S. Amateur golf title next week at Colorado-Springs. Beginning on page 45 Herbert Warren Wind tells why Coe is the golfer he is.

Photograph by A. Y. Owen

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Next week

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED puts the ball in play with its fourth annual Football Issue and starts it off with a milestone of its own, its first foldout cover, showing a dramatic moment in last year's action. Inside will be a four-page section of football in color, a special illustrated feature on How to Watch Football and views of preseason campus preparations. For the first time there will be a special insert, to be detached and kept throughout the season, with scouting reports and schedules of 130 college teams, as well as Red Grange's selections for the Eleven Best Elevens of 1959.