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18 Giants...Dodgers...Braves!
The National League race is a three-way snarl

20 Los Angeles Interlude
With a day off, the Dodgers hold a barbecue

22 An Absence of Homebreds
Neale Fraser and Maria Bueno win at Forest Hills

24 Height of the Dog Days
And victory for the Doberman at Westchester

31 Throw The Mugs Out
The first task facing four professional sports

36 Football Curtain Going Up!
Rehearsals over, the 1959 season is upon us

40 Spectacle: Football under the Lights
LSU is the scene of colorful pageantry at night

45 How to Watch Football
Some pointers that will help you enjoy the game

51 Scouting Reports
A preseason analysis of 130 college teams

99 Don't Get Hutch Mad
Cincinnati's manager is a mild man—sometimes

114 Honeymoon with a Trusted Rifle
After 30 years Grancel Fitz still loves his 30.06

128 A Naturalness at Northwestern
Coach Ara Parseghian analyzes, suffers and wins

The departments

13 Scoreboard
14 Baseball's Week
17 Coming Events
26 Events & Discoveries
32 Wonderful World
102 Charles Goren
108 Food
110 Track
114 Hunting
121 Horse Racing
124 Golf
142 19th Hole
146 Pat on the Back

Cover: College football

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S first foldout cover salutes the new football season with a classic situation. Will Virginia Tech's quarter run against VMI's line, hand off or throw a pass?

Photograph by John G. Zimmerman

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Next week

•No matter who wins in the wild National League, the World Series will open in Chicago. A scouting report on the American League's White Sox and their likely rivals.

•In our next issue, for the first time ever, you will see football action in full color photographed the previous Saturday at the top games. Next week—and every week.

•The best amateur golfers in the country are now fighting for the national title in Colorado Springs. A report on the event and the winner by Herbert Warren Wind.