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Fans may not like it, but rugged defenses rule down in Dixie

From his green-walled, air-conditioned office on the Georgia Tech campus at Atlanta it is only a couple of rebel yells and a long punt to the launching sites at North Carolina, Clemson, Auburn, Mississippi U. and Louisiana State, whence the football powers of the South will shortly go into orbit.

Pondering the view from Atlanta, a tall, tanned, grizzled Robert Lee Dodd hefted a red-and-white fishing plug. Starting his 29th season at Tech—his 15th as head coach—Dodd had something to say about football in Dixie, most particularly his own tough Southeastern Conference. Bobby Dodd is a man worth hearing:

"Our conference, the Big Ten and the Southwest play the best football in the U.S. today. Everybody argues over which is the toughest, but I think all three are on a par; all of them play really fine football. Oldtimers brag that their teams could beat the teams of today, but they're way off base. Modern football is far superior to what we used to play. Today's players can punt better, they can block better, they can pass the ball better. They're better all-round athletes. The coaches are better, too, and so is the equipment. Just as track and swimming records go down every year, so football improves.

"The trend in our section is more and more toward defense, even though coaches know that the public would rather see good offensive football. Under present rules, defense can win more games than offense. If we played as the pros do, with free substitutions, the thinking would probably change. But the better teams these days are coached by men who stress defense and kicking, which, after all, is a part of defense. Just look at last year's bowl games. Three of them were great defensive battles—0-0, 7-3 and 7-0. As long as the rules are the way they are, that's the way college football should be played. Evenly matched teams should make no more than one touchdown apiece.

"I have begged, pleaded and argued since 1953 for free substitution and for the goal posts to be on the goal line. Every year they make some concessions, but they don't go all the way. They don't want it to appear that the pros are right and college ball is wrong. This year they've given us that lone substitute [the so-called wild-card player] but until they give us free substitution you'll never see great passing games again. Sure, there are college teams that put on great passing shows, but they usually get beaten by three touchdowns.

"General Neyland, my old coach at Tennessee, has had more influence on the game in the last 30 years than any other man. First, Neyland believed in the elastic defense. He'd let you catch a short pass for six or eight yards but no long touchdown passes. You can't march 60 or 70 yards to a touchdown against that kind of defense. Sooner or later you'll either fumble or have your passes bounce up into the air to be intercepted or you'll get a penalty that kills the drive.

"Neyland believed more in ball position than ball control. Those of us who learned under him rely on position. We'd rather let you have the ball on your 10 than take it ourselves on our 30. Eventually you're going to make a mistake. Neyland always realized the value of the kicking game. Bud Wilkinson over at Oklahoma learned that from us, and we learned it from Neyland.

"On offense you'll see a lot of flankers this year. The lonesome end will be out, or more likely the halfback. You'll see a lot of wing T, where you use the halfback as you would in a single wing. The reason for this is that LSU used the wing T last year; when a team does well, a lot of people copy it.

"You know, there used to be a time when you could find men here and there that you could outcoach. Not any more. Coaching today is about the same at all the big schools. Everybody does a good job.

"Recruiting in the Southeast today, happily, is at a high level. The greatest thing that ever happened along that line was when we adopted grants-in-aid and the signing date. We're not allowed to sign up any high school senior before a given date—December 7. Once we sign somebody, he's committed to us. There's no more fighting off other schools the rest of the year."

(It should be noted that this is enforced only within the conference. At LSU, for example, Coach Paul Dietzel, the 1958 coach of the year, is hopping mad over what he considers the theft of a Mississippi high school superstar from him by Arkansas of the Southwest Conference.)

"Usually a boy makes the proper choice and goes to the school he should be going to. On December 7, 80% to 90% of the boys in our section have committed themselves and recruiting is just about completely over for the year.

"The aid program is good, too. Of course, aid varies at different schools, but the boy doesn't make any money out of the difference. He gets room, board, books, tuition fees and a $15-a-month laundry allowance, but no spending money.

"We get 98% of our boys right here in our section, although occasionally we may go up east for a good boy. It's funny how some states produce more good high school players than others. Many coaches—and I'm one of them—know that Mississippi produces more good players than any other state in this conference, with Louisiana second and Alabama third. Ole Miss gets most of these good players, too.

"Most of my boys, for that matter, come from Georgia. For some reason we produce plenty of good small backs who are real competitors, but we don't grow many big linemen who can move fast and really play football. I don't know why, but this is true.

"Through the years, I've had 12 or 15 boys from Mississippi and every one of them played regularly. Almost all were all-conference and some were All-America. I just never got a bad football player out of the state of Mississippi.

"Now, bowls. You might say that we are the most bowl-conscious conference in the U.S. We don't believe they are harmful; we have three or more teams in bowls every year. Our people here at Tech, from the president on down, like to go to bowls. We don't miss a single day of school and we don't lock the boys in their hotel rooms. And it's not too much football for one year.

"We are great believers in flying. We fly everywhere we go. It's a big help. Your legs aren't as tired as they would be from a long bus or train trip.

"I've talked about some things I like. One thing I do not like is the rating system. Ratings are wrong. You can't name good teams one-two-three. You have to bracket them. If the first five or six teams were to play one another in midseason, nobody could tell who might win. Match Oklahoma and Auburn and 50% of the coaches in the country would pick one and 50% the other. Of course, coaches aren't much good at making appraisals, for that matter. Ask them what teams are strong and they always pick their rivals first. They always say their conference is toughest. The best team in their section is the best team in the country. But that's human nature. The people who pick teams for the A.P. are the same way. In our conference three teams appear to be stronger than the other nine. They would be LSU, Auburn and Ole Miss.

"If you like to play golf, don't be a coach. I used to shoot in the 70s, but I gave it up. I got criticized. People see you on the golf course, and when your team is being beaten they come up and say you ought to be spending more time with the team. So I took up fishing. Needless to say, fishing comes after football. Football is my life. I am never tired of it."


Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Colors: Crimson and white

THE DOPE: The Crimson Tide will undergo the second year of a rebuilding program by The Great Rehabilitator—Coach Paul Bryant. Alabama, which had won just four games in three years, built a 5-4-1 record under Bryant's new regime last year. Defense and the installation of the three-unit system are the keys to success. Don Cochran is the best all-round lineman, no matter whether he plays at guard or center. Bobby Skelton, Sophomore Pat Trammel and Laurien Stapp are at quarterback. Mercury-footed Marlin Dyess, the Tide's leading pass receiver, and Gary O'Steen, a dependable gainer, will be at halfback and will be supported by Leon Fuller and Billy Richardson. Wayne Sims moved from end to fullback, will shift back if Duff Morrison, converted from halfback, or Sophomore Carl Hopson can measure up to standards. There are plenty of promising backs and Bryant is sure to find the right combination.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 5, lost 4, tied 1

SEPT. 19 at Georgia (12-0)
SEPT. 26 at Houston, N (no game)
OCT. 3 at Vanderbilt N (0-0)
OCT. 10 Chattanooga (no game)
OCT. 17 Tennessee at Birmingham (7-14)
OCT. 31 Mississippi State (9-7)
Nov. 7 Tulane at Mobile, Ala., N (7-13)
NOV. 14 Ga. Tech at Birmingham (17-8)
NOV. 21 Memphis State (14-0)
NOV. 28 Auburn at Birmingham (8-14)

Auburn, Ala.
Colors: Orange and blue

THE DOPE: The Tigers have a backfield full of bombs and they are liable to explode at any time. There are five runners who ripped through the defense for more than four yards a try—Halfbacks Jim Pettus (4.7), Lamar Rawson (4.3) and Bob Lauder (5.8), plus Fullbacks Ed Dyas (4.5) and Jimmy Reynolds (5.6). Only at quarterback does Coach Shug Jordan have any apprehension, and there he has Richard Wood, who completed 55% of his passes. Wood looks excellent, but if his legs don't hold up he will be replaced by Bryant Harvard or Bobby Hunt. The bedrock-solid line is one of the finest anywhere, averaging 220 pounds and featuring such defenders as Guard Zeke Smith, Tackle Teddy Foret and Center Jackie Burkett. These three linemen, plus Wood, have already been drafted by the Baltimore Colts. The schedule is soft and only an upset can halt the Tigers' move toward a third straight undefeated season.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 9, lost 0, tied 1

SEPT. 26 at Tennessee (13-0)
OCT. 3 Hardin-Simmons (no game)
OCT. 10 Kentucky (8-0)
OCT. 17 at Georgia Tech (7-7)
OCT. 23 at Miami, N (no game)
OCT. 31 Florida (6-5)
NOV. 7 Mississippi State at Birmingham (33-14)
NOV. 14 at Georgia (21-6)
Nov. 21 Mississippi Southern (no game)
NOV. 28 Alabama at Birmingham (14-8)

Charleston, S.C.
Colors: Blue and white

THE DOPE: The Bulldogs have not been getting many victory bones to chew on but this season may be able to dine at the Club .500. Doing so will be difficult. Defensively it will depend greatly upon End Tom Hemingway and Tackle Jim Gulliford, the co-captains. Quarterback Jerry Nettles will be charged with the responsibility of getting the offense going, but his biggest problem—a shortage of good receivers—is something he cannot control. Coach Ed Teague's split-T land attack will rely to a large extent upon Fullback Barry Thomas, a husky 220-pounder. Speedy Bob Daugherty and Bill Hughes will do most of the work at the halfback slots. The Bulldogs will have an improved defense and a better running game, and this should enable them to fatten up on a few surprised opponents. Injuries to any of their meal tickets, however, would probably result in another rather lean diet for the Bulldogs.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 4, lost 6, tied 0

SEPT. 19 Newberry, N (0-16)
SEPT. 26 at Florida State, N (no game)
OCT. 3 Davidson, N (6-8)
OCT. 9 Wofford at Orangeb'g, S.C. (6-18)
OCT. 17 Richmond, N (0-20)
OCT. 24 Furman (24-6)
OCT. 31 at William & Mary (no game)
NOV. 7 Presbyterian (38-0)
NOV. 14 at VMI (14-6)
NOV. 21 at West Virginia (no game)

Clemson, S.C.
Colors: Purple and orange

THE DOPE: The Tigers are licking their chops after a tasty season flavored with eight wins. They should have another feast, presenting Coach Frank Howard with his sixth consecutive victorious season. The men who may assist the Tigers to another Atlantic Coast Conference championship will be Quarterbacks Harvey White and Lowndes Shingler, sharp passers who can also pick up yardage on the ground. Fullback Doug Cline grinds out over four yards a try, and adding further spice to the attack will be Halfbacks Bill Mathis (4.1 average) and George Usry (4.8). Usry is also the top pass receiver. A well-balanced offense will depend to a large extent upon the pass catching of Ends Sam Anderson and Gary Barnes. Lou Cordileone, a 240-pound tackle, is a defensive pillar in a strong line. With 21 lettermen on tap, Clemson will be a highly seasoned club that will give indigestion to most of its foes.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 8, lost 2, tied 0

SEPT. 19 at North Carolina (26-21)
SEPT. 26 at Virginia (20-15)
OCT. 3 at Georgia Tech (0-13)
OCT. 10 North Carolina State (13-6)
OCT. 22 at South Carolina (6-26)
OCT. 31 at Rice, N (no game)
NOV. 7 Duke (no game)
NOV. 14 Maryland (8-0)
NOV. 21 Wake Forest (14-12)
NOV. 28 at Furman (36-19)

Davidson, N.C.
Colors: Red and black

THE DOPE: The Wildcats have discovered, unhappily, that good things sometimes go in small packages. In their case it was seven lettermen, including both starting guards and halfbacks, who went out into the world with their diplomas. For Coach Bill Dole this means a lot of rebuilding. On defense the team will be about equal with last year's squad. On offense the Wildcats will be slowed down. Minus Paul Barbee, who led in rushing, punting and kickoff and punt returns, the attack will suffer. Halfbacks Dave McCullough and George Hart are the question marks. Dependables such as Fullback Dave Warden, who is a steady gainer, and Quarterback Charlie Benson, an improved left-handed passer, will bear the load. A surprise scoring punch last year came from the defense. Bruce Usher, defensive center, won two games with his kicks and set a distance record for Southern Conference field goals, booting one 38 yards.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 5, lost 4, tied 0

SEPT. 19 Catawba, at Charlotte, N.C. N (17-22)
SEPT. 26 Presbyterian (7-6)
OCT. 3 at Citadel, N (8-6)
OCT. 10 at Richmond (22-27)
OCT. 24 at VMI (7-42)
OCT. 31 Wofford (21-20)
Nov. 7 William & Mary (16-7)
NOV. 14 Lehigh (no game)
NOV. 20 at Furman, N (20-22)

Durham, N.C.
Colors: Blue and white

THE DOPE: The Blue Devils will have to use everything, including their pitchforks, in the line if the team is to break even. Coach Bill Murray's defenders are tough, but with a short-handed backfield and a disastrous schedule they will have to be mighty stingy with opponents' points. There will be more passing, and End Bob Spada will hang on to whatever comes his way. Meanwhile, Jim Gardner helps to ease the way for the ball carriers with his crucial blocks. The man with the press notices is Guard Mike McGee, of whom Murray has said: "He is the greatest lineman I've ever been associated with." That covers a lot of players, for Murray's record is rated among the 10 best for active coaches: 171 wins, 49 losses, 12 ties. He has never had a losing record in eight years at Durham. George Harris, who will direct the club as quarterback, has a little experience. Bunny Bell and Danny Lee will be at the halves.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 5, lost 5, tied 0

SEPT. 19 at South Carolina, N (0-8)
SEPT. 26 at Ohio State (no game)
OCT. 3 Rice (no game)
OCT. 10 at Pittsburgh (no game)
OCT. 17 Army (no game)
OCT. 24 at North Carolina State (20-13)
OCT. 31 at Georgia Tech (8-10)
NOV. 7 at Clemson (no game)
NOV. 14 Wake Forest (29-0)
NOV. 26 North Carolina (7-6)

Gainesville, Fla.
Colors: Orange and blue

THE DOPE: The Fighting Gators have sprung a leak in their defensive wall, and though they won't be flooded by opponents' scores, they will need to do some patching if they are to equal last fall's record. With End Dave Hudson and Guard Asa Cox supplying the main front-line caulking, the first string will be one of the finest in the Southland. However, the need for depth is painfully apparent, particularly at center and right guard. Mickey Ellenburg and Wayne Williamson are the prize holdovers at quarterback. Doug Partin, Jack Westbrook and Don Deal are fast-striking halfbacks and Bob Green a sensational punter in this improved backfield. Green got off an 82-yard boot against Georgia last year. Best of the offensive weapons, though, is Junior Fullback Bob Milby, who stepped off better than five yards at a clip in 1958. Coach Bob Woodruff's team will be hard to stop if the sophomores can plug some of the line gaps.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 6, lost 3, tied 1

SEPT. 18 at Tulane, N (34-14,)
SEPT. 26 Mississippi State (7-14)
OCT. 3 Virginia (no game)
OCT. 10 at Rice, N (no game)
OCT. 17 at Vanderbilt, N (6-6)
OCT. 24 LSU (7-10)
OCT. 31 at Auburn (5-6)
NOV. 7 Georgia at Jacksonville (7-6)
NOV. 21 Florida State (21-7)
NOV. 28 Miami at Jacksonville (12-9)

Tallahassee, Fla.
Colors: Garnet and gold

THE DOPE: The Seminoles have a light, mobile line, a revamped backfield and a new offensive pattern. New Coach Perry Moss, former backfield instructor at Wisconsin, has installed the Finesse Drive attack, a ball-control offense based on the theory of making all plays look indistinguishably alike. Joe Majors, a poor runner and adequate passer, will guide the remains of the Bluegrass Bowl team. For receivers he can count on Fullback Jack Espenship and Tony Romeo, an efficient two-way end. Although he weighs just 165 pounds, Halfback Fred Pickard is a rawhide-tough performer. He recorded a 4.9-yard average, gained 602 yards and just missed the list of top 20 ground-gainers in the nation. Best bet for the other halfback slot is Bud Whitehead, who played briefly but well last fall. The offensive line is light but mobile. If the line holds up, Moss should have a successful first season as a head coach.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 7, lost 3, tied 0

SEPT. 19 Wake Forest, N (27-24)
SEPT. 26 Citadel, N (no game)
OCT. 3 Miami, N (17-6)
OCT. 10 at Virginia Tech (28-0)
OCT. 17 at Memphis State, N (no game)
OCT. 24 Richmond, N (no game)
OCT. 31 at Georgia (13-28)
NOV. 14 William & Mary (no game)
NOV. 21 at Florida (7-21)
NOV. 28 at Tampa, N (43-0)

Greenville, S.C.
Colors: Purple and white

THE DOPE: The Purple Hurricane has been blowing across the Southern Conference recently like a gentle breeze. In the past four seasons Furman has lost 31, won just eight, and there is nothing to indicate improvement. Suffering through it will be Coach Bob King, whose only hope seems to be the quick development of sophomores. Hicky Horton has been converted from fullback to end. but his main value still lies in his linebacking. Billy Baker, armed with the ability to get off short, snappy passes, will be handicapped by a dearth of receivers. Ball-carrying duties will be given to veteran Charlie Gay and Sophomore Gary Morrison, the halfbacks, and Fullback George Angelica. Morrison is the only real breakaway threat. The major hopes in a rather porous defense are Tackle Jim Boroff and Guard Claude Davis. There is a shortage of relief help at the ends and tackles and it looks like another season of ill winds at Greenville.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 2, lost 7, tied 0

SEPT. 19 Presbyterian, N (no game)
SEPT. 26 at South Carolina, N (7-32)
OCT. 2 at Chattanooga, N (no game)
OCT. 10 at William & Mary (no game)
OCT. 17 George Washington, N (8-11)
OCT. 24 at Citadel, (6-24)
NOV. 7 at Wofford, N (40-39)
NOV. 14 at Richmond (no game)
NOV. 20 Davidson, N (22-20)
NOV. 28 Clemson (19-36)

Washington, D.C.
Colors: Buff and blue

THE DOPE: The Colonials, in their effort to move up in the Southern Conference, are using primarily northern talent from Pennsylvania. At spring's end nine of the first string, including the entire backfield, were from the Keystone State. To add local flavor and to put some zip in the passing game, the Colonials called on Eddie LeBaron of the Washington Redskins for advice. Still, Coach Bo Sherman has a lot of unseasoned players to work with, and it will be tough to match, let alone improve on, last year's third-place finish. The line is built around Center Ron DeMelfi. More than one of every five passes "completed" by Quarterback Ed Hino was caught by the opposition—a habit he will have to shake as he aims for his most dependable target, End Bill Smythe. Lou DeSimone hung up a 6.5-yard rushing mark in his limited duty and will join Tom Haly and Jerry Power at the halves. Duane Whetstone will be fullback.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 3, lost 5, tied 0

SEPT. 18 at Detroit, N (6-21)
SEPT. 25 at Boston U., N (no game)
OCT. 2 West Virginia, N (12-35)
OCT. 9 Wichita, N (12-26)
OCT. 17 at Furman, N (11-8)
OCT. 24 at William & Mary (7-0)
OCT. 30 VMI, N (no game)
NOV. 7 at Richmond (6-26)
NOV. 14 at Navy (8-28)

Athens, Ga.
Colors: Red and black

THE DOPE: The Bulldogs, after losing several games in which they had the better statistics, firmly believe that this year Coach Wally Butts will be able to make the statistics and the scores more compatible. Charlie Britt, Francis Tarkenton and Tommy Lewis form possibly the best triumvirate of quarterbacks in the Southeastern Conference, but Lewis, a 195-pound, strong-running back must shift to fullback to fill in for Dave Lloyd who defected to the pros. Stationed at the backfield corners will be Captain Don Soberdash, a smart, effective inside runner, and Fred Brown, who led the SEC with a 6.6-yard rushing mark. Brown missed spring practice due to a knee operation, but backing him up is Bobby Walden, whose 45.3-yard punting average was the nation's best. Guards Billy Roland and Pat Dye plus End Jimmy Vickers are the main bricks in the front wall. This team could pull some mighty upsets.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 4, lost 6, tied 0

SEPT. 19 Alabama (0-12)
SEPT. 26 Vanderbilt (14-21)
OCT. 3 at South Carolina (14-24)
OCT. 10 Hardin-Simmons (no game)
OCT. 17 Mississippi State at Atlanta, N (no game)
OCT. 24 at Kentucky, N (28-0)
OCT. 31 Florida State (28-13)
NOV. 7 Florida at Jacksonville (6-7)
Nov. 14 Auburn (6-21)
NOV. 28 at Georgia Tech (16-3)

Colors: White and gold

THE DOPE: The Yellow Jackets' defense and offense, built around Center Maxie Baughan and Halfback Floyd Faucette respectively, should both be improved. Coach Bobby Dodd will still use his belly series but will vary it with more wide-open tactics. Baughan will call the defensive signals as he closes out a brilliant collegiate career. Other distinguished linemen are Gerald Burch, Jim Powell and Fred Murphy, all sure-handed ends. Quarterbacking through a stiff schedule will be Fred Braselton, Marv Tibbetts and Walt Howard. Faucette tops the list of ball carriers with a 5.7-yard average. Frank Nix is his most likely halfback partner, and they should get help from Sophomores Chick Graning, Kenny Thompson, Johnny Tomlinson and Billy Williamson. Supplying the fullback punch will be Lee Reid and Taz Anderson. The Engineers hope to improve even though they face a strong schedule with strong intersectional foes.

SCHEDULE (1958 scores)
1958 Record: Won 5, lost 4, tied 1

SEPT. 19 at Kentucky, N (0-13)
SEPT. 26 SMU (0-20)
OCT. 3 Clemson (13-0)
OCT. 10 at Tennessee (21-7)
OCT. 17 Auburn (7-7)
OCT. 24 at Tulane, N (14-0)
OCT. 31 Duke (10-8)
NOV. 7 at Notre Dame (no game)
NOV. 14 Alabama at Birmingham (8-17)
NOV. 28 Georgia (3-16)

Lexington, Ky.
Colors: Blue and white

THE DOPE: The Wildcats are none too optimistic, for they realize it's what's up front that counts. Up front they are barely adequate at the ends and have a lack of depth at the tackles and guards. Coach Blanton Collier is meeting the problem by setting up a three-unit system. Line standouts are Guard Bob Talamini and Dickie Mueller, a staunch defensive end. A pair of very fine passers—Jerry Eisaman and Lowell Hughes—will divide the work at quarterback in an offense that will be short of reserve strength. Hughes, though, will have to be fully recovered from a knee operation. Halfbacks Calvin Bird, Charlie Sturgeon and Rich Wright can pick up a lot of yardage. Bird was named the Southeastern Conference's top sophomore last year. He caught 21 passes and was ninth nationally in scoring with 65 points. Glenn Shaw moves from halfback to fullback and takes with him an impressive 5.3-yard rushing average.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 5, lost 4, tied 1

SEPT. 19 Georgia Tech, N (13-0)
SEPT. 26 Mississippi, N (6-27)
OCT. 2 at Detroit, N (no game)
OCT. 10 at Auburn (0-8)
OCT. 17 LSU, N (7-32)
OCT. 24 Georgia, N (0-28)
OCT. 30 at Miami, N (no game)
NOV. 7 at Vanderbilt (0-0)
NOV. 14 Xavier (Ohio) (20-6)
NOV. 21 Tennessee (6-2)

Baton Rouge
Colors: Purple and gold

THE DOPE: The Tigers are rich and seem to be getting richer. Billy Cannon, who combines blazing speed and awesome power running from his halfback post, returns. So, too, does his dangerous running mate, Johnny Robinson. Adding to this superabundance at halfback is Sophomore Wendell Harris, who is already likened to Cannon. Coach Paul Dietzel has all but four of 35 lettermen returning, including the famed Chinese Bandits. Center and Linebacker Max Fugler and Tackles Bo Strange, Mel Branch and Lynn LeBlanc are the most distinguished linemen. Despite all this, Dietzel has to be careful. He lost his two top fullbacks, including Tommy Davis, whose toe won two games. His quarterback, Warren Rabb, sustained a broken hand in the Sugar Bowl game, missed spring drills, and could be a bit of a question mark. Mainly, however, Dietzel has the tremendous psychological task of helping his boys fight complacency.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 10, lost 0, tied 0

SEPT. 19 Rice (26-6)
SEPT. 26 TCU, N (no game)
OCT. 3 Baylor at Shreveport (no game)
OCT. 10 Miami, N (41-0)
OCT. 17 at Kentucky, N (32-7)
OCT. 24 at Florida (10-7)
OCT. 31 Mississippi, N (14-0)
NOV. 7 at Tennessee (no game)
NOV. 14 Mississippi State, N (7-6)
NOV. 21 Tulane (62-0)

Colors: Red and black

THE DOPE: The Cardinals and their schedule are both getting tougher at the same time, making it hard to improve on the 1958 record. Beefy linemen, led by stout (6 feet 6 inches, 255 pounds) John Finn, will be hard to bowl over. Finn's support depends on the success of surgery on his knee. Howard Turley is a handy end who can pull down passes on offense and ball carriers on defense. Senior Dale Orem and Sophomore John Giles, who has promise but little experience, will be after the quarterback assignment. At the halves in Coach Frank Camp's T will be Ernie Green, a sophomore with a good blend of speed and size, and John Hunt, a junior with a talent for blocking. Pride of the backfield is Ken Porco, a thumping 5-foot-9, 215-pound fullback with a 5.5-yard rushing average. With two added games and with stronger opposition, the need for depth will show. Only a livelier passing attack can Stave off a losing season.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 4, lost 4, tied 0

SEPT. 12 Western Kentucky, N (no game)
SEPT. 19 at Xavier (Ohio), N (no game)
SEPT. 26 at Eastern Kentucky, N (20-7)
OCT. 3 at Bradley (no game)
OCT. 10 at Murray State (27-0)
OCT. 17 Dayton, N (13-26)
OCT. 31 Marshall, N (no game)
NOV. 7 at North Texas State, N (10-21)
NOV. 14 Ohio U. (6-23)
NOV. 21 at Kent State (21-0)

College Park, Md.
Colors: Red and white

THE DOPE: The Terrapins have seemingly been the pawns in a game of chess conducted by new Coach Tom Nugent. In an effort to get his newly installed I formation going quickly, Nugent has jumped his players from one position to another. On the line, which will be excellent on offense, his opening gambit was to switch the No. 1 receiver, Ron Shaffer, from end to tackle. Then he moved Kurt Schwarz from tackle to guard. Vince Scott, a superb end and place-kicker, will stay put, as will Tom Gunderman, a highly respected guard. Directing the I will be Dwayne Fletcher, who was jumped from halfback, and Dick Scarbath. Fletcher is a good runner, fair passer; Scarbath is just the opposite. Jim Joyce will be at fullback and sophomore flash Don VanReenan at left half. At the other half will be one of the South's best guards, Rodney Breedlove, and this is the move on which the future hinges.

SCHEDULE (1958 scores)
1958 Record: Won 4, lost 6, tied 0

SEPT. 19 West Virginia (no game)
SEPT. 26 at Texas, N (no game)
OCT. 3 at Syracuse (no game)
OCT. 10 Wake Forest (0-34)
OCT. 17 North Carolina (0-27)
OCT. 31 at South Carolina (10-6)
NOV. 7 Navy at Baltimore (14-40)
NOV. 14 at Clemson (0-8)
NOV. 21 Virginia (44-6)
DEC. 5 North Carolina State (21-6)

Coral Gables, Fla.
Colors: Orange, green and white

THE DOPE: The Hurricanes will move faster and will play a more open brand of ball in an effort to push the 1958 debacle into the background. Coach Andy Gustafson shuffled his staff and has done away with much of his Drive Series, using instead a multiple offense highlighting line splits, slotbacks, spread ends and more passing. Gustafson will again employ Fran Curci at quarterback. Curci showed he has a gifted hand as he hit for 60% of his passes last fall. Most of the land warfare will fall to Larry Digiammarino, Jim Vollenweider and Doug Davis. Digiammarino also excels as a pass defender and will share the halfback work with Vollenweider, who was the surprise of spring drills, flashing a strong running style. Davis, a converted halfback, will be at fullback. Curci and Guard Jim Otto are the only two starters back to face a granite-tough schedule. Charles Linning, a tackle, and Ron Mirilovich, an end, are game-tested.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 2, lost 8, tied 0

SEPT. 25 Tulane, N (no game)
OCT. 3 at Florida State, N (6-17)
OCT. 10 at LSU, N (0-41)
OCT. 16 Navy, N (no game)
OCT. 23 Auburn, N (no game)
OCT. 30 Kentucky, N (no game)
NOV. 6 North Carolina, N (no game)
NOV. 13 South Carolina, N (no game)
NOV. 20 Michigan State, N (no game)
NOV. 28 Florida at Jacksonville (9-12)

University, Miss.
Colors: Red and blue

THE DOPE: The Rebels were shot up pretty badly along the line but have enough ammunition to advance through an easy schedule. Quarterback Bobby Franklin, who last year hit on 46% of his passes for 710 yards and 10 touchdowns, also moves the ball well on the ground. Fullback Charlie Flowers has gained 997 yards in two seasons, averaging six yards a carry. Three expressmen—George Blair, Cowboy Woodruff and Bobby Crespino—will handle the halfback chores in fine style. Guard Marvin Terrell throws his 220 pounds around with awesome power and speed and has caught the eye of the pros with his turnabout play, strong on offense and even stronger on defense. Coach Johnny Vaught's semi-platoon system could use considerably more depth, but the first-string Rebs will be hard to handle. Remember Oct. 31. On that day the Rebels will clash with LSU in a game that could settle the Southeastern Conference argument.

SCHEDULE (1958 scores)
1958 Record: Won 8, lost 2, tied 0

SEPT. 19 at Houston, N (56-7)
SEPT. 26 at Kentucky, N (27-6)
OCT. 3 Memphis State (17-0)
OCT. 10 at Vanderbilt, N (no game)
OCT. 17 Tulane (19-8)
OCT. 24 Arkansas at Memphis (14-12)
OCT. 31 at LSU, N (0-14)
NOV. 7 Chattanooga (no game)
NOV. 14 Tennessee at Memphis (16-18)
NOV. 28 at Mississippi State (21-0)

State College, Miss.
Colors: Maroon and white

THE DOPE: The Maroons are blue about the lack of color in their backfield. Graduation wiped out the complete first-string offensive group, and there is not much left for Coach Wade Walker to work with. Still, he is not moaning and plans to have either Tootie Hill or Bill Tohill at quarterback in an offense that has been altered from a split-T to a double wing affair. Willie Daniel had a 6.7-yard running average in 1958, suffered a broken leg against LSU and may not be able to hold off Bobby Bethune's bid. Pat Shute will also have trouble holding his halfback job. Completing the list of incumbents who will have to fight off challengers is Sophomore G.T. Thames, who won the fullback job in the spring. Service returnee Walt Flowers is after the assignment. Certain of regular berths, though, are a pair of jumbo-sized junior tackles—Floyd Powers and Walt Suggs—entrenched on a line that averages almost 220 pounds.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 3, lost 6, tied 0

SEPT 26 at Florida (14-7)
OCT. 3 at Tennessee (8-13)
OCT. 10 Arkansas State (38-0)
OCT. 17 Georgia at Atlanta, N (no game)
OCT. 24 Memphis State (28-6)
OCT. 31 at Alabama (7-9)
NOV. 7 Auburn at Birmingham (14-33)
NOV. 14 at LSU, N (6-7)
NOV. 28 Mississippi (0-21)

Chapel Hill, N.C.
Colors: Blue and white

THE DOPE: The Tar Heels suffered the biggest loss imaginable when Jim Tatum died last July. This was to have been his big season, and new Coach Jim Hickey must try to complete Tatum's reconstruction program. A fine offense will be run by Jack Cummings, who was 10th in the land in total offense, tied for first nationally with 11 touchdown passes. Wade Smith and Sonny Folckomer, tricky halfbacks, and Don Klochak, a crunching fullback, fill out what should be a devastating offense. Up front, on an almost dent-proof line that will average 215 pounds, the mainstays will be hefty Tackles Don Stallings (240 pounds) and Moose Butler (235 pounds), Guard Fred Mueller and one of the best pairs of ends in the country—Al Goldstein and John Schroeder. If the latter two have recovered from knee operations, the Tar Heels could stun Clemson in the opener, take the ACC title and rank among the best anywhere.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 6, lost 4, tied 0

SEPT. 19 Clemson (21-26)
SEPT. 26 at Notre Dame (24-34)
OCT. 3 North Carolina State (14-21)
OCT. 10 South Carolina (6-0)
OCT. 17 at Maryland (27-0)
OCT. 24 at Wake Forest (26-7)
OCT. 31 Tennessee (21-7)
NOV. 6 at Miami, N (no game)
NOV. 14 Virginia (42-0)
NOV. 21 at Duke (6-7)

Raleigh, N.C.
Colors: Red and white

THE DOPE: The Wolfpack rooters created an effigy of Coach Earle Edwards last December, but he was not hanged. Instead, he was praised for the amazing spirit he injected in his always-crippled team. Believing that the bad luck is behind and that the promising talent will come through, Edwards is optimistic. He has lettermen for every job except quarterback, and there he has Roman Gabriel, a sophomore labeled with scores of laudatory adjectives. Gabriel will keep Ends Dick Drexler and George Vollmar busy with passes. Bernie Latusick and Ron Podwika will be at the backfield corners and Arnold Nelson at fullback in a fast-moving offense. Foremost of the linemen is mammoth Dick (Tiny) Reynolds, a massive 6-foot-5, 260-pound tackle. The spirit is willing, but it will require fast development on the part of some inexperienced players if the Wolfpack is to be tough enough for the schedule.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 2, lost 7, tied 1

SEPT. 19 Va. Tech at Norfolk, N (14-14)
OCT. 3 at North Carolina (21-14)
OCT. 10 at Clemson (6-13)
OCT. 17 Wake Forest, N (7-13)
OCT. 24 Duke (13-20)
OCT. 31 Wyoming (no game)
NOV. 7 Miss. Southern at Mobile (14-26)
NOV. 13 at UCLA, N (no game)
NOV. 21 at South Carolina (7-12)
DEC. 5 at Maryland (6-21)

Colors: Red and blue

THE DOPE: The Spiders, with 17 of 22 lettermen to help spin their web, still don't feel confident of their prospects, although 1958 was almost a big success. Four properly placed touchdowns last season would have reversed a 3-7 won-and-lost record. As it is, Coach Ed Merrick will have a strong first-half club but will be short on relief help. This veteran Southern Conference squad will be strong at the ends, fast in the backfield and tough to score against. Center Chuck Boone and Tackle Fred Caravetta are particular points of strength in the defensive line. The passing department may go through a state of flux before Frank Gagalino, Dick Curl or Mel Rideout wins the quarterback job. There are great expectations for the running game, what with Halfbacks Dave Ames and Earl Stoudt set to go long and wide and Fullbacks Pat Lamberti, who doubles as a tackle, and John Boggs able to go short and up the middle.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 3, lost 7, tied 0

SEPT. 19 at Dayton, N (12-13)
SEPT. 26 at West Virginia (22-66)
OCT. 3 VMI at Portsm'th, Va., N (6-12)
OCT. 10 Davidson, N (27-22)
OCT. 17 at Citadel, N (20-0)
OCT. 24 at Florida State, N (no game)
OCT. 31 at Virginia Tech (23-27)
NOV. 7 George Washington (26-6)
NOV. 14 Furman (no game)
NOV. 26 William & Mary (15-18)

Columbia, S.C.
Colors: Garnet and black

THE DOPE: The Gamecocks are relying on the defense to preserve Coach Warren Giese's record of not having had a losing team at Columbia. The line averages 215 pounds and is led by Ed Pitts, a top-caliber tackle. When it comes to offense, though, the Gamecocks will not be able to match their 1958 performance. True, John Saunders, a bulldozing fullback, who led the Atlantic Coast Conference in rushing and was voted its best blocking back, will be ready. Also true is the fact that the rest of the backfield is not game-tested. This will show during the rugged first half of the campaign. Steve Satterfield, who weighs in at a scant 155 pounds and has had just a minimum of experience, is heir to the quarterback job. Steve Kopian, Jim Bowman and Ken Norton are the top halfbacks. Not on the roster but playing a vital role is the Polaroid camera used for taking game pictures and permitting a fast, detailed look at trouble spots.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 7, lost 3, tied 0

SEPT. 19 Duke, N (8-0)
SEPT. 26 Furman, N (32-7)
OCT. 3 Georgia (24-14)
OCT. 10 at North Carolina (0-6)
OCT. 22 Clemson (26-6)
OCT. 31 Maryland (6-10)
NOV. 7 at Virginia (28-14)
NOV. 13 at Miami, N (no game)
NOV. 21 North Carolina State (12-7)
NOV. 28 Wake Forest at Charlotte (24-7)

Knoxville, Tenn.
Colors: Orange and white

THE DOPE: The Volunteers are gathering for an all-out assault. Yet with just two senior starters this young team is probably a year away from its peak. Coach Bowden Wyatt is blessed with heft, experience and depth. Only a perilous calendar of games stands in the way. The much-talked-of Billy Majors will have to stave off some serious challengers to keep his tailback job in a single wing that should develop a scoring punch. Bunny Orr, a swift sophomore, and Neyle Sollee, if recovered from a knee injury, will serve at fullback. Jim Cartwright, an aggressive blocking back, fits in perfectly. At wingback Ken Waddell will have to pick up his experience under game pressure. Senior Tackles Lebron Shields and Joe Schaffer are the showpieces of the line. Shields has been drafted by the Detroit Lions. The Volunteers will face a wicked schedule, but they will be tough and should emerge with a .500 or better percentage.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 4, lost 6, tied 0

SEPT. 26 Auburn (0-13)
OCT. 3 Mississippi State (13-8)
OCT. 10 Georgia Tech (7-21)
OCT. 17 Alabama at Birmingham (14-7)
OCT. 24 Chattanooga (6-14)
OCT. 31 at North Carolina (7-21)
NOV. 7 LSU (no game)
NOV. 14 Mississippi at Memphis (18-16)
NOV. 21 at Kentucky (2-6)
NOV. 28 Vanderbilt (10-6)

New Orleans
Colors: Green and blue

THE DOPE: The Green Wave lost some of its impact when Quarterback Richie Petitbon passed up his final year of eligibility to sign a professional contract. However, Coach Andy Pilney's squad, bolstered by 23 lettermen, will improve on its 1958 record. Phil Nugent's development as a field general will determine how far the Green Wave rolls. He will have a nifty corps of receivers, what with six pass catchers back. In this group are Ends Bill Brobham, Pete Abadie and Leo Young. The last two placed second and third in the Southeastern Conference in catches. Moving the ball on the ground will be up to Halfbacks Will Ellzey and Tom Mason and Fullback Tom McClellan who compose an all-junior backfield. Mason, a 6-foot-1 200-pounder, runs 100 yards in 9.7 and moves like an express; and McClellan is a consistent short gainer. The line is heavily fortified by 6-foot-7, 235-pound Tackle Dave Painter.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 3, lost 7, tied 0

SEPT. 18 Florida, N (14-34)
SEPT. 25 at Miami, N (no game)
OCT. 3 Wake Forest, N (no game)
OCT. 9 Detroit, N (no game)
OCT. 17 at Mississippi (8-19)
OCT. 24 Georgia Tech, N (0-14)
OCT. 30 Texas Tech, N (27-0)
NOV. 7 Alabama at Mobile, Ala., N (13-7)
NOV. 14 Vanderbilt (0-12)
NOV. 21 at LSU (0-62)

Colors: Black and gold

THE DOPE: The Commodores found the hands of time moving too slow for them last fall. They missed a possible bowl berth by 17 seconds, losing to Clemson with nine seconds left and being tied by Florida with eight to go. Not only that, but Coach Art Guepe was behind time when his spring camp closed, and he will have to hustle to fill gaps at both guards, tackle and center before the season opens. Rooster Akin and Ron Miller, both already tagged by the pros, head a fine collection of ends, and Larry Wagner is a pillar of strength at tackle. The ground assault will be geared to the churning strides of Halfbacks Tom Moore, who strikes with exceptional power, and Mack Rolfe. Moore, who slammed ahead for 584 yards last fall, plays all phases of the game well. Fullback Bobby Nay should be recovered from a broken leg. Jim McKee will be running the attack, and should manage a winning record, but against mediocre opposition.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 5, lost 2, tied 3

SEPT. 26 at Georgia (21-14)
OCT. 3 Alabama, N (0-0)
OCT. 10 Mississippi, N (no game)
OCT. 17 Florida, N (6-6)
OCT. 24 at Virginia (39-6)
OCT. 31 at Minnesota (no game)
NOV. 7 Kentucky (0-0)
NOV. 14 at Tulane (12-0)
NOV. 21 Florence State (no game)
NOV. 28 at Tennessee (6-10)

Charlottesville, Va.
Colors: Orange and blue

THE DOPE: The Cavaliers will give their fans only a modicum of satisfaction this fall. First of all, Quarterback Reece Whitley and Halfback Ulmo Randle, the pass-catching sensation, have graduated. In fact, only eight of 24 letter winners will return. Coach Dick Voris points out that this team will be very green, then quickly adds that there will be more speed and size. Among the sophomores, he tabs Tackle Ron Gassert as the finest prospect. A year ago the enemy scored better than 30 points a game, and this season's line, built around Center Bob Edwards, will not be much stronger due to its lack of combat experience. Arnold Dempsey will probably be at quarterback, with John Barger, a regular last year, and Sophomore Harold Rust in line for the fullback opening. Three other sophomores who could very likely crack the varsity lineup are Halfbacks Ted Denby and George Toth and Guard Glenn Sacco.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 1, lost 9, tied 0

SEPT. 19 William & Mary (no game)
SEPT. 26 Clemson (15-20)
OCT. 3 at Florida (no game)
OCT. 10 VMI at Lynchburg, Va. (0-33)
OCT. 17 Virginia Tech at Richmond (13-22)
OCT. 24 Vanderbilt (6-39)
OCT. 31 at Wake Forest (no game)
NOV. 7 South Carolina (14-28)
NOV. 14 at North Carolina (0-42)
NOV. 21 at Maryland (6-44)

Lexington, Va.
Colors: Red, white and yellow

THE DOPE: The Keydets' ranks were washed away by the graduation tide, leaving only one starter—Fullback Sam Horner. However, Coach John McKenna could not have picked a better man to be left behind. Horner was one of the most impressive backs in the country last year. He is a 6-footer, weighs 195, runs the 100 in 9.7, gained six yards a carry last fall and was fifth nationally in punting with a 42.6-yard average. Filling out the rest of the lineup is guesswork. Tom Kurkoski, a strong defender, and Dick Evans, a dandy receiver, are leading candidates for the jobs at the terminals. Lee Badgett should move up from the second string to take over at center. Among the sophomores it appears as though Halfbacks Stinson Jones and John Traynham have the best chances. The Keydets will be shorthanded from tackle to tackle and will rely heavily on newcomers. There are some good receivers and there will be more passing.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 6, lost 2, tied 2

SEPT. 19 at Marshall, N (no game)
SEPT. 26 at Venn State (no game)
OCT. 3 Richm'd at P'tsm'th, Va., N (12-6)
OCT. 10 Virginia at Lynchb'g, Va. (33-0)
OCT. 17 Wm. & Mary at Norfolk, Va. (6-6)
OCT. 24 Davidson (42-7)
OCT. 30 at Geo. Wash'ton, N (no game)
NOV. 7 at Lehigh (7-7)
NOV. 14 Citadel (6-14)
NOV. 26 Va. Tech at Roanoke, Va. (16-21)

Blacksburg, Va.
Colors: Orange and maroon

THE DOPE: The Gobblers, sticking more to the ground, should be a sound club, and if Quarterback Charlie Speck can improve his passing the offense will be fairly potent. As it is, the young sophomore replacement for the graduated Billy Holsclaw is a good runner with bright promise. Frank Eastman is another good prospect for the job. More powerful runners, paced by Halfbacks Al Pugh and Pat Henry, have led Coach Frank Moseley to emphasize the belly series in his split-T. Pugh, though, will have to shake a habit of being trapped by his own tricky maneuvers. Fullback Sam Shaffer is a valuable blocker, and some of the offense work should be handed Sophomore Warren Maccaroni. Carroll Dale is an exceptionally fine end on a husky line that also includes Tackles Don Oakes (240 pounds) and Bernie Vishneski (235 pounds). Moseley will be blessed with more depth than at any time since coming to Tech in 1951.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 5, lost 4, tied 1

SEPT. 19 N.C. State at Norf'k, Va. (14-14)
SEPT. 26 at Wake Forest (6-13)
OCT. 3 Wm. & Mary at Roanoke (27-15)
OCT. 10 Florida State (0-28)
OCT. 17 Virginia at Richmond (22-13)
OCT. 24 at Villanova (no game)
OCT. 31 Richmond (27-23)
NOV. 7 at West Texas State (28-12)
NOV. 14 at West Virginia (20-21)
NOV. 26 VMI at Roanoke (21-16)

Winston-Salem, N.C.
Colors: Black and gold

THE DOPE: The Demon Deacons figure on driving some painful pitchforks into the opposition. This year, Coach Paul Amen's fourth at the helm, could be his first over the .500 mark if his boys can shake off their fourth-period letdowns. Norm Snead did a sensational job as a sophomore quarterback, gaining 1,003 yards through the air. He has put on some needed weight, now must shake his habit of having almost two passes per game intercepted. This fall the ground attack—centered around Halfbacks Bobby Robinson, Kenny Ferrell and Jerry Bali and Fullback Neil MacLean—will open up, and the offense should be more dangerous. MacLean plowed ahead for 624 yards on the ground in 1958. The line will be bigger, stronger, deeper, yet somewhat inexperienced. Rangy Pete Manning, who caught 25 passes in 1958, ranks as one of the Atlantic Coast Conference's finest ends on both offense and defense.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 3, lost 7, tied 0

SEPT. 19 at Florida State, N (24-27)
SEPT. 26 Virginia Tech (13-6)
OCT. 3 at Tulane, N (no game)
OCT. 10 at Maryland (34-0)
OCT. 24 North Carolina (7-26)
OCT. 31 Virginia (no game)
NOV. 14 at Duke (0-29)
NOV. 21 at Clemson (12-14)
NOV. 28 S. Carolina at Charlotte (7-24)

Morgantown, W. Va.
Colors: Blue and gold

THE DOPE: The Mountaineers' need for tackles may have been solved in part by Coach Art Lewis' belief that it pays to advertise. Lewis issued a call in the student newspaper for "anybody with a loud snarl" to come out for tackle. His answer came in the person of John Peters, who is given a good chance of making the defensive unit. Lewis' teams can trace much of their success to fine quarterbacking. Now the job falls to Danny Williams, an exciting junior. Forming a dandy halfback duo will be bullet-fast Ray Peterson and shifty Dave Rider, with John Marra, Dick Herrig and Jim Bargeloh first-class substitutes. Bob Benke and a service returnee, Tom Huston, will be at fullback. The line, braced on the left by Tackle Carl Dannenberg and Guard Bill Lopasky, still needs help. West Virginia should win its sixth Southern Conference title in the past seven years, but will have a tough time with outside foes.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 4, lost 5, tied 1

SEPT. 19 at Maryland (no game)
SEPT. 26 Richmond (66-22)
OCT. 2 at George Washington, N (35-12)
OCT. 9 at Boston U., N (30-36)
OCT. 17 Pittsburgh (8-15)
OCT. 24 at Syracuse (12-15)
OCT. 31 Penn State (14-14)
NOV. 7 at USC (no game)
NOV. 14 Virginia Tech (21-20)
NOV. 21 Citadel (no game)

Williamsburg, Va.
Colors: Green, gold and silver

THE DOPE: The Indians won't be able to decorate their tepee with a Southern Conference championship banner, but they just might be able to push themselves out of last place. Even this will be no easy undertaking, for Coach Milt Drewer has a very green team. Five seniors are on the first string. One is Mike Lashley, a devastating two-way tackle. Another is Lauren Kardatzke, a hard-running fullback. Drewer will use variations of the split-T and wing T and will have Bob Stoy, who runs, passes and handles the ball with authority, at the controls. Jim Porach and Sophomore Roger Hale are twin-edged halfbacks who are excellent blockers and runners. Last fall Porach led the team with a 4.6-yard rushing mark. Roger has been stamped as "the greatest Hale since Nathan." As a freshman he averaged 11.9 yards a carry and had five runs of over 50 yards. The Indians have but one Hale to give and that's not enough.

SCHEDULE (1958 Scores)
1958 Record: Won 2, lost 6, tied 1

SEPT. 19 at Virginia (no game)
SEPT. 26 at Navy (0-14)
OCT. 3 Va. Tech at Roanoke, Va. (15-27)
OCT. 10 Furman (no game)
OCT. 17 VMI at Norfolk, Va. (6-6)
OCT. 24 George Washington (0-7)
OCT. 31 Citadel (no game)
NOV. 7 at Davidson (7-16)
NOV. 14 at Florida State (no game)
NOV. 26 at Richmond (18-15)




WATCH FOR: Bruising defensive play by Don Cochran


WATCH FOR: Guard Zeke Smith, a defensive stalwart


WATCH FOR: Tackle and Co-captain Jim Gulliford


WATCH FOR: Running, passing by slick Harvey White


WATCH FOR: Short, steady gains by Fullback Dave Warden


WATCH FOR: Guard Mike McGee as he bedevils foes


WATCH FOR: Dave Hudson, a superb two-way end


WATCH FOR: Fred Pickard, a mighty-mite at halfback


WATCH FOR: Linebacking, end play of Hicky Horton


WATCH FOR: Passing attack revolving around Ed Hino


WATCH FOR: Don Soberdash, hard-hitting halfback


WATCH FOR: Maxie Baughan, one of the finest of centers


WATCH FOR: Exciting offensive antics of Calvin Bird


WATCH FOR: Dazzling performances by Billy Cannon


WATCH FOR: Ken Porco, a heavy-duty fullback


WATCH FOR: Rod Breedlove, a guard moved to halfback


WATCH FOR: Stepped-up passing game by Fran Curci


WATCH FOR: Air, land trickery of Bobby Franklin


WATCH FOR: Walt Suggs, a 6-foot-5, 240-pound tackle


WATCH FOR: Offensive maneuvers by Jack Cummings


WATCH FOR: Huge Dick Reynolds—you can't miss him


WATCH FOR: Rugged play of Fullback-Tackle Pal Lamberti


WATCH FOR: Workmanlike efforts of Tackle Ed Pitts


WATCH FOR: Triple-threat Tailback Billy Majors


WATCH FOR: Heavy-duty service by Dave Painter


WATCH FOR: Thunderous charges of big Tom Moore


WATCH FOR: Bob Edwards, Cavaliers' captain, center


WATCH FOR: Long sprints, punts by Sam Horner


WATCH FOR: Carroll Dale, an excellent pass catcher


WATCH FOR: Sharp passing of Quarterback Norm Snead


WATCH FOR: A halfback flash named Ray Peterson


WATCH FOR: Bruising line play of Tackle Mike Lashley