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14 The Ghost of Jim Tatum
As the football season got under way the memory of a great coach still haunted North Carolina

18 The Giants' Bad Dream
Hy Peskin photographs a disastrous play, and Roy Terrell reports on the crazy pennant race

22 World Series Preview
The stars to watch in the Series, plus a critique of team chances. By Walter Bingham

26 Spectacle: Reindeer Rodeo
The hard work of a Lapland roundup, photographed in color amidst the splendor of an arctic sunset

37 World Series for VVVVIPS
In Chicago—and take Bill Veeck's word for it—the important person will be the common fan

40 Shape-up for '60
California sends out a sporting alert: the bikini has landed and is spreading out cross-country

44 Deservedly the New Champion
Jack Nicklaus wins the men's amateur golf title in an exciting finale. By Herbert Warren Wind

48 Next Stop, California
France's Jamin is westward bound following another major trotting triumph

56 Denim Driver
A two-page pinup picture in full color of Driver Carroll Shelby, co-winner this year at Le Mans

68 Love Affair in San Francisco
Mark Harris tells of the city's reaction to its ball team. With drawings by Marc Simont

The departments

7 Scoreboard
10 Football's Week
11 Red Grange
12 Baseball's Week
31 Events & Discoveries
38 Wonderful World
48 Trotting
50 Food
52 Horse Racing
59 Charles Goren
79 19th Hole
84 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 7

Cover: The Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox spent 40 years waiting to sit for a formal portrait as the American League champions. For their chances of winning the World Series, turn to page 22.

Photograph by Richard Meek














Next week

•With pro football starting its biggest year, John Unitas is a marked man as quarterback of the world champion Baltimore Colts. In a special article illustrated by Robert Riger, Ray Berry tells how to catch Unitas' passes. Tex Maule scouts the teams and also analyzes the prospects of the proposed new league.


Football's Second Week: In the Color of the Week picture the color camera records action from one of Saturday's games. Also, reports on the leading college contests, Lineman of the Week, Back of the Week and Red Grange's picks.