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Nothing sets a dog apart from other dogs so readily as a set of shining false teeth. Few orangutans can resist stealing an envious glance at a neighbor orangutan with a football. And, of course, the bull moose who cares not a fig for traffic regulations is certain to rise above the herd. In the endlessly competitive societies of which all creatures are a part in these insecure times, neither man nor beast can afford merely to keep up with his neighbors. These pictures show three who tried bravely to get a little ahead.

Toothsome morsels became difficult to enjoy as the years began to rise and the teeth began to fall for Bobby, an elderly dachshund of Millbrae, California, until his mistress, a dental technician, fashioned this set of fancy new choppers for him.

Temporary status achieved by an Australian orangutan whose name is George was sharply curtailed when he tried to eat the football for lunch.

As disdainful of the tiresome traffic regulations of mere mankind as he is of the insignificant nobodies of moosekind, an aloof and arrogant bull moose jaywalks casually across a street in Fairbanks, Alaska, bringing the city's traffic to a full stop.