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16 Orange Hell on Piety Hill
Roy Terrell reports the slaughter of West Virginia by once-hapless Syracuse, the East's best

22 Another for the Artichoke
French trotter Jamin, invading the West, gains a leg on a fat purse at Hollywood Park

24 Spectacle: Eldorado
The scene of next week's meeting between the British and American Ryder Cup teams

33 If This Fits You, You're Too Fat
The hard-boiled handicappers of the human race take another look at the nation's waistline

38 Abeagling They All Go
Three generations of sportsmen follow the hounds over the rolling hills of upstate New York

40 De Mostest Horse Has His Day
The greatest of them all, Man o' War, is filially honored in a new turf classic carrying his name

46 Not Too Compact: Valiant for '60
The biggest of the compact cars so far, Chrysler's Valiant is a graceful surprise

48 Pro Football's New Faces
The life of a rookie is fraught with peril, but the ones who survive keep the champions alive

66 Eyewitness to an Act of God
John O'Reilly and Richard Meek report on the cataclysmic changes in Yellowstone Park

The departments

7 Scoreboard
11 Football's 6th Week
29 Events & Discoveries
34 Wonderful World
46 Automobiles
48 Pro Football
54 Charles Goren
56 Tip from the Top
59 Food
62 Horse Racing
81 19th Hole
84 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 7

Cover: Eldorado Country Club

The lovely and threatening setting for golfers shown on the cover is an example of what awaits the Ryder Cup teams at Palm Springs in the next fortnight (see page 24).

Photograph by John G. Zimmerman














Next week

•Football's seventh week brings four pages of color on fun at Harvard along with a preview of the 49ers-Rams pro game by Tex Maule with drawings by Robert Riger.

•Two top horse races, the Jockey Club Gold Cup and The Garden State, in different states on one day, will be covered in reports by Whitney Tower and William Leggett.

•Attention, status seekers! In eastern colleges some sports are "up," others are "down." Stephen Birmingham tells which are which—and also rates the schools.