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'One foot ahead of the other'

In Cedar Rapids, James Young, a teacher of French and writing and a devoted pedestrian, is considered the authority on hiking. When asked the best way to set about this almost obsolete pleasure he generally answers: "It's easy. You just put one foot ahead of the other." Recently Mr. and Mrs. Young, their son David and daughter Eve, returned to Cedar Rapids, having put one foot ahead of the other approximately 1,000,000 times on an international hike from Newport, Vt. to Montreal via Quebec that covered 425 miles in 27 days.

Averaging more than 15 miles a day the Youngs walked Indian file through undulating country whose place names—Windsor, St.-Narcisse, Disraeli, Trois Rivi√®res, underscore the dual ancestry of French Canada. They spent the nights wherever they happened to be, even to sleeping in a monastery, and used their rest days to see French movies. For the Youngs it was a refreshing and not too taxing vacation—three years ago they walked through much of France.