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16 Sword Dancer Proves His Point
A superb performance by a superb animal settles the question of who's the Horse of the Year

20 Spectacle: Harvard Weekend
Harvard Indifference is a forgotten philosophy on the day of the Yale game

34 Gaggle of Elegance
Gleaming brightwork glares back at the California sun as swank auto owners muster their turnouts

36 Pheasants along the Platte
After many lean years, Nebraska has a virtual explosion of upland game birds

40 Falcons, Tigers and Ivies
LSU and Air Force heroics dominated the weekend, but don't forget Dartmouth and Harvard

48 A Wall of 49ers
Tex Maule and Robert Riger analyze, in words and drawings, how the 49ers stunned the Rams

56 How to Lose Tourists
Fidel Castro is fawning and ferocious by turns at a weird travel convention in Havana

70 Up Squash! Down Baseball!
A report by Stephen Birmingham on the "status escalators" of eastern college sports

The departments

8 Scoreboard
10 Football's 7th Week
14 Coming Events
25 Events & Discoveries
32 Wonderful World
56 Travel
64 Charles Goren
66 Food
69 Tip from the Top
83 19th Hole
88 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 8

Cover: Dallas Football

The football player and the pretty girl on this week's cover are symbols of modern U.S. college campus society. They are Star Quarterback Bobby Lackey and his wife Judy of the University of Texas.

Photograph by Marvin E. Newman














Next week

•Speeding to the end of the 1959 season, U.S. amateur sports car drivers will decide divisional championships at Daytona's fast new speedway. A report on the contenders.

•The camera boom is a boon to sports lovers. A review of what's new and electrifying on the market today, and how to use the latest gadgets to increase your camera power.

•Peter Matthiessen's account of the decline of U.S. wildlife and of efforts to save it, held out of the Nov. 2 issue to make way for Yellowstone, will appear next week.