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Weekend at Harvard

They pretend to be indifferent toward football at Harvard but, as the following pictures show, they always have a big time at the Yale game

Harvard, an institution which takes superiority for granted, is probably the only college in the country whose undergraduates can assume a superior attitude about fielding a losing football team. This attitude, known far and wide as Harvard Indifference, reflects the fact that at Cambridge, caring is considered uncouth (see pages 70 to 82). Nevertheless, at Harvard, as at the University of Texas (see cover) and most other colleges, Saturday's game serves as the focal point for the rich enjoyment of crisp autumn weekends, and if the team is a winner, as it has been the last couple of years, even Harvard men find the enjoyment crisper. Those lucky enough to have no Saturday classes may meet one of the small feminine army of dates that converges on Cambridge from Smith, Wellesley, Vassar or the many New England girls' prep schools in time for a quick stroll through the Yard (there is no "campus" at Harvard) before lunch at the Hasty Pudding, another club or one of the many student Houses. Then, with his date on his arm, the Harvard man joins the serpentine throng pouring over the Larz Anderson Bridge to Soldiers Field and the stadium. If Quarterback Charlie Ravenel makes a sensational play, as he is quite likely to do these days, the cheers that resound across the quiet Charles will be just as enthusiastic, and the cocktail parties in Cambridge after the game will be just as full of good cheer as if the Harvard man really cared the way they do in Texas—and somehow we suspect he does.

Undergraduate and his date meet on the steps of the Yard's Memorial Church before departing for the game.

Marching from the Yard toward Harvard Stadium, crimson-jacketed Harvard band steps musically across Larz Anderson Bridge over Charles River.

Exulting in fine Crimson play, Harvard man claps hands and shouts as his date rejoices (above). Victory over Yale prompts round of toasts at typical students' party in Lowell House, a Harvard dormitory.