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22 Crash Go the Bigs
A report on football's most exciting week, when form took a beating

24 Normalcy in a Small World
While the mighty fell, little Huron College in South Dakota continued to win. By Roy Terrell

26 Lay Those Elbows Down, Mike
The aggressive play of a USC lineman had everyone on the Pacific Coast speaking his piece

28 The Tall Ones in Boston
Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell meet in the first of a series of great basketball duels

30 Spectacle: Feeding Fracas
David Goodnow photographs in color the winter birds' clash in the cold chow line

36 Big Splash in the Ryder Cup
British recklessness and American confidence returned the Ryder Cup to the U.S.

38 Death of a Fighter
Bantamweight Walt Ingram collapsed in a Mexican ring and died 29 hours later. Who is to blame?

40 Tomorrow's Track, the Super A
A brighter future for railbirds tired of being shunted from pillar to post time

60 The Great Camera Bonanza
"You press the button..." and ever-more wondrous things happen for 40 million snapshooters

82 Slaughter and Salvation
Peter Matthiessen records the fast decline and slow revival of U.S. wildlife. First of a series

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8 Coming Events
11 Scoreboard
17 Football's 8th Week
42 Events & Discoveries
52 Pro Football
58 Food
71 Motor Sports
72 Charles Goren
75 Tip from the Top
97 19th Hole
100 Pat on the Back

Cover: Daytona Speedway

Coming at you around a 31° banked turn at Daytona's International Speedway, a trio of sports cars approaches 150 mph. For a preview of 1959's amateur finale see page 71.

Photograph by Marvin E. Newman

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Next week

•With the Winter Olympics set for Squaw Valley, the skiing spotlight is on the West. Robert Wernick writes about the development of the California-Nevada High Sierras.

•The ski season also brings new ski fashions. A quarterly SPORTING LOOK previews the latest clothes, as well as new equipment and facilities, in color and black and white.

•The Giants and the Browns plan to fight it out for the honor of meeting the 49ers for the professional football championship. An analysis by Tex Maule of each club's chances.