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MEMO from the publisher

Next week the ski season begins in earnest, at least as far as SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S editors are concerned. Nowadays the true fan can find a slope in some hemisphere at any time of the year, and skiing crops up in the most unlikely months in our pages. But in the November 23 issue, with its annual Ski Preview, we really get down to the business of trying to help you who ski get the most possible fun out of what promises to be a great winter.

Our preview will take you to the High Sierra and Squaw Valley, scene of the forthcoming Winter Olympics in February, in an article by Robert Wernick, with stops along the way at most of the resorts in the area, from Mount Shasta in the north with its snow-making Klamath Indian medicine-man-in-residence, to Mammoth Mountain just a little beyond the city limits of Los Angeles (six hours' drive from the center of town).

Also in next week's issue will be our quarterly SPORTING LOOK preview, with 14 pages of the newest ski fashions, including a special collection designed by Bonnie Cashin, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Design Award winner for 1958. All of the clothes are appearing in the round at the first Winter Sports Show at New York's Coliseum and at an Olympic Fund party in San Francisco co-sponsored by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and Roos/Atkins, northern California's largest specialty store chain. We suspect you'll also have a chance to see them at your favorite ski haunts this winter.

In our issue of November 30 Willy Schaeffler returns to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED with the first article in a two-part series on Sprungwedeln. Two years ago Schaeffler introduced our readers to shortswing, a method which culminates in the difficult Wedeln, a series of rapid, weaving turns. Since then, experts like Schaeffler have developed other ways of teaching Wedeln. Of these, Sprungwedeln is the most thorough approach yet devised for the skier looking for a short swing up to Parnassus.

Then having gotten off to a good, wedeling Sprung, we'll be on our way to the Winter Olympics themselves with the whole story as it develops between now and the last two weeks of February.