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28 Why the Browns Will Win
With a varied attack to supplement their always chary defense, Cleveland heads for a title

32 Solid Virtue in Wisconsin
The Badgers lose a cliffhanger to Illinois but still cling to their Rose Bowl quest

45 Rally Round the Flag, Boys
Somebody—they won't say who—is trying to abolish your right to make a $2 bet

46 "But I Was Alone"
A mountain-climbing countess furnishes an epitaph for an ill-fated attempt on Mount Cho Oyu

50 "Beau"
Jean Riaud, driver of France's great trotter Jamin, poses for Richard Meek's color camera

56 Those International Troubles
Once again the Olympics of horse racing causes chaos at Laurel and angry controversy

74 Ski Preview: Three Bonuses

1 The High Sierras, host to the 1960 Olympics
2 The Winter SPORTING LOOK'S exclusive new styles
3 Equipment for more fun, speed and safety

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15 Scoreboard
20 Football's 9th Week
27 Coming Events
36 Wonderful World
38 Events & Discoveries
53 Trotting
56 Horse Racing
58 Motor Sports
66 Tip from the Top
68 Horse Show
73 Charles Goren
109 19th Hole
112 Pat on the Back

Cover: Powder at Alta

For some time the trend of skiing has been westward. In 1959-60 it goes all the way, from Alta's light powder to the High Sierras. The annual ski preview begins on page 74.

Photograph by Ray Atkeson

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•A report on the country's finest retrievers in action during the national field trial stake to be held November 19-22 at Harold's Trapshooting Club near Reno, Nevada.

•The shortswing, introduced to skiers by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED in 1957, has been refined and simplified. In two parts, Willy Schaeffler tells the secrets of Sprungwedeln.

•U.S. football pools are pretty primitive compared to the Littlewoods of Britain, which pays off as much as $576,878. Emily Hahn, author, critic—and bettor—describes it.