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As the college football season draws to a close there is little order in the postseason bowl picture. Syracuse will go to the Cotton Bowl, but beyond that all is confusion. Here are the best guesses.

Cotton: Syracuse vs. Texas; Rose: "Washington vs. Wisconsin; Sugar: LSU vs. Mississippi; Orange: Kansas or Missouri vs. Penn State or Georgia; Gator: Here the situation is crystal-clear. The Gator boys simply sit back and happily take what is left over.


Neither bleak clouds nor steady rains nor courageous Colgate could stay the massive motion of the Syracuse attack. When it was over, the men from Syracuse led 71-0 and the Red Raiders had yet to stage a foray. Confident of their ground muscles, the Orangemen decided to test their aerial weapons. Quarterbacks Dave Sarette and Dick Easterly and Halfback Mark Weber tossed six touchdown passes. In all, Syracuse rolled up 607 yards (309 on passes) and 27 first downs.

Penn State, too, stampeded its foe, trouncing Holy Cross 46-0. Once again, Quarterback Richie Lucas, running and passing superbly, led State's attack. His 216 yards gained set a school mark for total yardage in one year.

Penn, briskly brushing aside Columbia's willing but insufficient defenders, won 24-6 to edge closer to the Ivy League title. However, Dartmouth was still in contention after Quarterback Bill Gundy's three touchdown passes beat Cornell 21-12. Brown eliminated Harvard 16-6.

Yale, hungry for revenge for last year's horrendous 50-14 beating, made Princeton pay for its transgressions 38-20. Most rambunctious Eli was Quarterback Tom Singleton, who completed all eight of his passes for 108 yards and one touchdown, scored another himself, kicked two extra points and passed for two more.

Pitt, staying on the ground, ran over Notre Dame 28-13; Navy regrouped its faltering forces to defeat George Washington 16-8; Boston U. shocked Boston College 26-7. The top three:

1. SYRACUSE (8-0)
2. PENN STATE (8-1)
3. PENN (6-1-1)


Written off as just another also-ran by preseason predictors, Georgia emerged from comparative obscurity to ease past Auburn 14-13 and win its first SEC title in 11 years. With 30 seconds left, the Bulldogs tied the score on Fran Tarkenton's 13-yard pass to End Bill Herron. They won on Durwood Pennington's extra point.

Tennessee, bruised and aching after its upset of LSU, was no match for Mississippi and bowed 37-7. Ole Miss Coach Johnny Vaught shrewdly guessed that the Vols had a soft spot in the inner line and Fullback Charley Flowers, crunching and smashing away behind his blockers, personally proved the worth of Vaught's hunch with 168 yards gained up the middle. Two touchdown passes by Quarterback Jake Gibbs helped, too.

Relaxed LSU had the answer when Mississippi State clamped down on Billy Cannon's power thrusts. Quarterback Durel Matherne, subbing for injured Warren Rabb, simply passed to Johnny Robinson for two touchdowns. The Tigers won 27-0.

Coach Tom Nugent decided it would be futile to try to dent the grudging Clemson ground defenses. Instead, Maryland went over the top, with Sophomore Quarterback Dale Betty passing to three touchdowns and End Vince Scott place-kicking four conversions to upset Clemson 28-25. Wake Forest unexpectedly bowed to Duke 27-15.

Alabama nuzzled past Georgia Tech 9-7 on Fred Sington's 43-yard field goal; Fran Curci had another magnificent night as Miami romped over South Carolina 26-6; VMI forced The Citadel into disorderly retreat, winning by 32-8; and Virginia Tech gave West Virginia another push downward, 12-0, to take over the Southern Conference lead. The top three:

1. LSU (8-1)
3. GEORGIA (8-1)


Perhaps Ohio State's Woody Hayes, who lost another one to Iowa 16-7, was right when he said, "If these Big Ten teams don't quit getting beat, nobody will wind up in the first division." To prove his point, Illinois caught Wisconsin in the final seconds and upset the Badgers 9-6 {see page 33), while Michigan State turned back Northwestern 15-10 to create a three-way tie for first place.

Michigan State stacked its defenses to stop Northwestern's Ron Burton. Quarterback Dean Look did the rest, completing seven out of seven passes and plunging over for the winning touchdown. In other games, Purdue outlasted Minnesota 29-23, Indiana's Ted Smith led the Hoosiers past Michigan 26-7.

Joe Caldwell, flinging the ball as never before (21 for 42 and 297 yards), did his best to keep Army in the ball game, but the fumbling Cadets played into Oklahoma's eager hands and lost 28-20.

In a battle between unbeaten teams, Bowling Green muffled Delaware's wing T and Bobby Colburn passed the Easterners dizzy 30-8; Tulsa spoiled North Texas State's perfect record 17-6. Top three:

1. WISCONSIN (6-2)


Unbeaten Texas got off to a 9-0 lead, but TCU's bulky linemen settled down to business. Fullback Jack Spikes led the surge that brought the Frogs their first touchdown. Then fleet Harry Moreland broke away for 56 yards and a 14-9 TCU win.

Arkansas, trailing 14-7, found a way to contain SMU's Don Meredith in the second half and used the running of Lance Alworth and Joe Paul Alberty to beat the Mustangs 17-14. The reward: a share of the Southwest Conference championship.

Wyoming's Jim Walden and Dick Hamilton teamed up on a 78-yard touchdown pass to overtake New Mexico 25-20 and hold the Skyline lead. The top three:

1. TCU (6-2)
2. TEXAS (8-1)
3. ARKANSAS (7-2)


It was a happy weekend in Los Angeles. UCLA got the ball rolling Friday night, beating North Carolina State 21-12. The next day, undefeated USC's bruising linemen, led by the irrepressible McKeevers, Marlin and Mike, held Baylor to three yards rushing to help USC win 17-8.

Oregon, involved in another down-to-the-wire thriller, edged Washington State 7-6 on Willie West's two-yard end sweep and Roger Daniels' placement, while Washington concentrated on power shots inside the tackles to trap California 20-0.

Unpredictable Stanford, often sinful but rarely dull, had one of its good days and outscored Oregon State 39-22. Richie Mayo's scrupulously accurate passes had Air Force flying high, but they needed a down-to-earth goal-line stand to hold off Arizona 22-15. The top three:

1. USC (8-0)
3. OREGON (8-1)



BACK OF THE WEEK: Stanford's Skip Face ran Oregon State flanks, scored three TDs, kicked a field goal, four extra points, ran for two more for 27 points.


LINEMAN OF THE WEEK: Georgia Guard Pat Dye exemplified Bulldogs' tenacity with hard tackles, then alertly grabbed Auburn fumble to set up winning score.


NEW FACES OF THE WEEK: Arkansas' Lance Alworth (left) wriggled for 13-yard touchdown, ran for two points to beat SMU; Minnesota End Tom Hall pulled down nine passes on offense, numerous foes on defense, but Purdue won 29-23.


Boston U. vs. Syracuse
That Syracuse power is enough to frighten anybody, and the Orangemen want to look good on the way to the Cotton Bowl. This is just too much football team for Boston U. SYRACUSE.

Pitt vs. Penn State
I doubt that the Pitt line can stop Richie Lucas and Penn State. The Nittany Lions are eager to impress and will be at their best. PENN STATE.

Yale vs. Harvard
The Big Three title is at stake, and Yale's Tom Singleton, operating behind the tenacious Eli line, will outclass Harvard's Charlie Ravenel. I'll pick YALE.

Miami vs. Michigan State
Both have picked up momentum lately, and Miami's Fran Curci and State's Dean Look will make it a passing duel. However, the Spartans are stronger in the line. MICHIGAN STATE.

Clemson vs. Wake Forest
Clemson had its letdown against Maryland, and this game may decide the Atlantic Coast title. Wake Forest's defense has been spotty and may not be able to contain Harvey White. CLEMSON.

Illinois vs. Northwestern
This is Coach Ray Eliot's last game, and he will have the Illini fired up. Northwestern has been making too many mistakes, and I have a hunch the Illinois line will handle Ron Burton. ILLINOIS.

A West Coast natural between two good defensive teams. But UCLA lacks a passer, and the powerful USC line can concentrate on the runners. USC.

Washington vs. Washington State
Washington is just too big, too fast and too numerous for State. Quarterback Bob Schloredt gives the Huskies the better offense. WASHINGTON.

Oregon vs. Oregon State
Oregon State hasn't looked good against wide stuff, and Oregon's Willie West loves to run the ends. State can't match Dave Grosz's passing, either. OREGON.

Baylor vs. SMU
Don Meredith continues as one of the nation's best quarterbacks, but passing alone doesn't win games. Baylor has improved, and I feel one of those Southwest Conference upsets is in the making. BAYLOR.