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I'm in control'

In the small towns of Iowa everybody plays basketball, especially the girls. When, in 1952, the little community of Olin won its way to the state tournament Carol Coleman, the team's "outside forward," got a severe case of basketball fever which has never abated. Now married (her husband, Arnie Ziegler, is the associate pastor of the Collegiate Presbyterian Church in Ames) and past her playing days, Carol could see no reason why she should not officiate at games. "I wrote a letter to the secretary of the Iowa High School Athletic Association," recalls Carol, "just to find out whether they would let a woman referee. They sent me an application blank; I passed my examination and now I have my license." Though Carol is the first woman in Iowa ever to hold such a license she expects little trouble from the boys. "I suppose," says she, "that they'll be out to see how much they can get away with and I'll have to show them that, like every other referee, I'm in control of the game. Not that I'll be overly strict," adds Carol, a proponent of a good, fast game.