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Hooding the wedge in the rough

The club that has done the most to revolutionize golf in the last 25 years is the wedge. At the same time it seems to have been more of a boon for the accomplished players than it has for the poorer players for whom it was supposed to eliminate a lot of trouble, too. For instance, it was said that the wedge would make it easier for average golfers to get out of the rough, but as often as not they would be just as well off going with the old niblick or nine-iron. It is the extra weight in 'the head of the wedge that seems to throw less expert golfers off. They have difficulty getting the clubhead through the shot without the face opening on them.

When you are playing out of the rough you can help the wedge to do its stuff if you hood the face, or turn the toe in slightly. This minor change in the head's position will counteract the resistance of the tall grass. It seems to streamline the head more, and the face goes right through without opening. This hooding helps women players especially, for they don't have the same strength men do in forcing the heavy club through whatever is growing around the ball in the rough.

It takes a little practice and it looks wrong to the eye at first, but hooding the face of the wedge also facilitates recovering from traps where the sand is loose. You should also know that hooding the wedge on those 25-to-50-yard pitches from the fairway will send your ball in low with a good deal of check or bite on it.

JOE PRYKE, Gorge Vale Golf Club, Victoria, B.C.


club face open


club face hooded


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