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THE QUESTION: Do you care whether or not your school has a good football team?

Chief of Naval Operations
Of course I do. Athletic teams are most important to morale, not only at the Naval Academy but throughout the whole Navy. A good team provides a naval symbol. It enhances esprit de corps. It adds to the competitive spirit. Competition is important not only to schools but also to individuals and nations.

Governor of New York
I certainly do. At Dartmouth College pride and college spirit are a part of our football tradition, an inseparable bond which expresses itself after undergraduate days so strongly that each year 71% of our alumni contribute to the annual Dartmouth Fund. I'm sure the enthusiasm kindled by football helps a lot.

New York City
Former Harvard football captain
Yes. In recent years there was an indifference toward football on the part of some of our college officials, who didn't care whether Harvard played the game or was successful. That tended to lessen the spirit of undergraduates and graduates. Today, from President Pusey down, this attitude has changed.

Princeton University
President, American Alumni Council
Certainly, but I'd hate to see one team monopolize any sport. I wouldn't want to see Princeton the perennial Ivy League champion. It would be good for football if a different team won the championship each year. For instance, I would be happy if Columbia won it. So would Buff Donelli, the coach at Columbia.

Long Beach, N.Y.
Speaker, N. Y. State Assembly
Certainly. For years I cheered our great Fordham teams, from the Seven Blocks of Granite to the sad day when football was dropped. Isn't it regrettable that in the world's greatest city, only Columbia plays big-time college football? With our new expansion at Lincoln Square, Fordham alumni hope to bring football back.

Mexico City and Acapulco
Mining operator
Sure I do. I played halfback for Canisius College in Buffalo for three years. I'd like to see Canisius win the national championship, that's how much I care. Isn't that better than the University of Chicago, formerly a great football power, winning the tiddlywinks championship from Cambridge University?

Berkeley, Calif.
President, University of California
The University of California has five football teams. My only wish is that each team play well against schools of the same size with comparable athletic and academic standards. On a more personal level, I spent my undergraduate days at Swarthmore and haven't looked at a Swarthmore football score for over 20 years.

President, University of Oklahoma
Yes. There would be no point in having a poor team. A good team has provided a beginning upon which state pride has been built. Oklahomans have thought themselves downgraded by such events as the ones recorded in The Grapes of Wrath. Our football team has brought about a change in thinking.

Tulane University
Yes, but although it's fun to win, too many of us forget that football is a game and not the reason for college life. Good football is a great spirit builder, a rallying point for students and alumni. Interest among non-alumni can often be directed into other fields, thus making new friends for the university.

University of Texas
President, College Sport Information Directors of America
Yes. A good football team provides a rallying flag for students and faculty as well as alumni. It has a definite part in the educational process, but it does not have to be all-winning. I do not expect the Texas team to be a perennial national power, merely one that will be a good representative of a great university.