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Original Issue

A roundup of the sports information of the week

INVESTIGATIONS—U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee which will open investigations of monopolistic practices in professional boxing early next year, obtained official authorization from President Eisenhower to examine 1945-58 income tax returns as part of their investigations.

FLYING—Two days eight hours 26 minutes after winging off from Casablanca in his blue-and-white Piper Comanche, Max Conrad, flying nonstop at 100 feet or so over clear but barren Atlantic and Caribbean, touched down in El Paso, Texas with happy but tired smile and another distance record under his wing. Conrad covered 6,911 miles in his solo flight, eclipsed 10-year record for planes weighing between 2,204 and 3,858 pounds. Though 57-year-old Conrad carried prescription to keep him awake, found he didn't need it, subsisted on three Thermoses: coffee, tea, water.

BASKETBALL—Philadelphia, after taking two games in row from league-leading Boston, steamed into New York to take on Knicks for two more, found stiff opposition. In first game New York jumped ahead, held the lead until last period, when they lost by one point, 109-108. But more important than score, New York developed a strategy that reduced effectiveness of Philadelphia's tall man, Wilt Chamberlain, enough to make clear that unless Chamberlain comes up with spectacular performance in every game, he will not be able to carry Warriors, who lack consistent outside scoring ability, by himself. New York avoided the post area all night, traded its fast break for more deliberate attack, generally managed to draw Wilt away from the close-in area where his height and jumping ability are most potent. Next day in Philadelphia, New York's strategy paid off in one-point victory, 127-126, giving New York their first victory over an eastern club.

CANADIAN FOOTBALL—Hamilton Tiger-Cats tried to reverse last year's Grey Cup defeat to Winnipeg Blue Bombers in this year's classic at Toronto, seemed near victory going into fourth quarter with a 7-3 lead. The Blue Bombers' Charley Shepard, former player for North Texas State and Pittsburgh Steelers, ended their dream of victory by canceling Tiger-Cats' lead with nine-point scoring flurry. In last 10 seconds Blue Bombers added one more touchdown for final score of 21-7 (see page 25).

SOCCER—In first National Collegiate Athletic Association championship at Storrs, Conn., University of Bridgeport held West Chester (Pa.) Teachers College to 1-1 tie in first day of semifinal match. After two overtime periods with no score, play was suspended because of darkness, picked up again with fresh vigor on second day when West Chester succumbed after almost an hour of playoff.

In rain-drenched finals against St. Louis University, playing in their first varsity year, Bridgeport found themselves one point behind at the end of the second period. Third period remained scoreless, but in final quarter penalties against Bridgeport gave St. Louis Billikens enough advantage to drive in two more goals (see page 24).

COURTS—Frankie Carbo. boxing's No. 1 hood, who this fall pleaded guilty to three violations of New York State law (SI, Nov. 9)—conspiracy, illegal matchmaking and managing—drew sentence of two years in jail.

CROSS-COUNTRY—Distance runners ended season with NCAA meet at East Lansing, Mich, and AAU championship at Louisville. Al Lawrence, Australia, representing University of Houston, trotted four-mile distance in 20:35.7 for individual title. Michigan State took team championship. Other top honors also went to foreign students, which raised some howls of anguish (see page 29).

Three days later in Louisville, Lawrence fought close duel over 10,000-meter run with teammate John Macy for AAU title, breasted ribbon less than five seconds ahead of him for individual title.

FOOTBALL—Billy Cannon, Louisiana State halfback, was first choice in National Football League draft. Selected by Los Angeles Rams, Cannon said he would sign with them, dealing blow to nascent American Football League, whose Houston Club had made Cannon its first choice. Second drafted: George Izo, Notre Dame quarterback, by Chicago Cardinals. Meanwhile, AFL named Joe Foss, former Governor of South Dakota, as its new commissioner.