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Alpine Assembly at Aspen

A U.S. ski squad gets ready for the 1960 Olympic Games

The strongest Alpine squad the U.S. has ever assembled began training for the 1960 Winter Olympics last week at Aspen, Colo. The squad, composed of 13 men and 11 women, was picked on the basis of each skier's performance in any two of five specified 1959 competitions—the North American championships, Harriman Cup, Nationals, Vermont and Eastern. The intensive training period is planned to last five weeks. At the end of it, on January 8-10, final tryouts will be held to determine the eight men and six women who will make up the U.S. Alpine team. The group, some of whom are pictured on the following pages, will then spend a month competing in a number of meets before going to Squaw Valley.

Daredevil Bud Werner, an Olympic veteran at 23, is best bet for gold medal.

Tom Corcoran, 28, Harvard Business graduate who was in the 1956 Olympics.

Eleanor Bennett, 17-year-old high school senior, won 1959 Lilac Cup slalom.

Charles Ferries, 20, dropped out of Denver U. to prepare for the Olympics.

Bev Anderson, 21-year-old senior at Washington, won North American title.

Joan Hannah, 20, Bennington College student who began race competition at 6.

Dave Gorsuch, 21-year-old engineer's assistant, was on last year's FIS team.

Sunny Snite, 17, attends Hanover High (N.H.) and trains horses in the summer.

Max Marolt, 23-year-old carpenter, spent most of life on slopes around Aspen.

Linda Meyers, 22-year-old office worker, won three big 1959 slalom championships.

Frank Brown, 22 years old, from Colorado U., was 1958 National Alpine champ.

Mary Lind, 22 and a junior at U. of Denver, won last year's Gibson Cup race.

Renie Cox, 21-year-old student at U. of Denver, was 1956 National Alpine champ.

Ken Lloyd, 24, businessman who came in second in North American downhill.

Gordon Eaton, 20-year-old Middlebury College student, won Eastern combined.

Gary Vaughn, 23, a soldier now, but was intercollegiate downhill champ in 1958.

Jim Barrier, 19 years old, took third place in 1959 Harriman Cup combined.

Penny Pitou, 21-year-old veteran of the 1956 Olympics, raced in Europe last year.

Marvin Melville, 24-year-old senior at Utah, will graduate before joining squad.