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16 A Classic Rematch
The Colts and the Giants are heading for another installment of the best game of all time

20 Sebring: My Last Chance
British Racing Driver Tony Brooks writes his own preview of Sebring's first Grand Prix

32 Refereeing to Remember
A short anthology of official gaffes as the 1959 football season subsides into history

34 Wintertime and the Watsons
This family flies to the slopes—and down them—almost every week

39 The Golf Cart Is Here for Good
It carries people, golf bags, liquor, and it's revolutionized a basic concept of the game

48 The Birth of a Boat
An "explosion" shot in color of the newest Chris-Craft and the men behind it

57 The Violent Skills of Ice Hockey
Nine pages of analytical drawings by Robert Riger capture the harshness and subtleties of hockey

72 Sport for Art's Sake
Deems Taylor finds that 15 operas beat Damn Yankees to the sporting scene

The Departments

6 Scoreboard
11 Basketball's Week
14 Coming Events
22 Wonderful World
26 Events & Discoveries
46 Basketball
66 College Football
81 19th Hole
84 Pat on the Back

Cover: The Watsons at Slowe

This happy family (the father, Tom, is head of IBM in New York) manages to spend almost every weekend on the ski slopes. For more details and color pictures, see page 34.

Photograph by Toni Frissell

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Next week

•The fourth annual two-in-one issue covers a lot of territory—from 1919 to late 1960. Gerald Holland documents the rise of Babe Ruth's Yankees; the new Silver Anniversary All-America team is announced; Champion Jim Shoulders shows you how to watch a rough sport—rodeo. Dmitri Kessel takes you into the future—the 1960 Olympic year—with an 18-page color portfolio on Rome, assisted by Samuel Chamberlain (food) and Horace Sutton (travel). Plus the Bowl Game Previews, the Goren Bridge Quiz and, of course, the news.