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The light but potent Razorbacks hurl speed at Yellow Jacket heft before 40,000 Jan. 2. CBS-TV, 2 P.M., E.S.T.

Good big men

This is not a vintage year at Georgia Tech, where generally the quality is high, but woe to the team that relies on that fact. There is plenty of body in Tech's punishing line, which averages 216 pounds per man. All-America Center-Linebacker Maxie Baughan calls the signals for a superbly refined defense that will keep Tech in the game. The Yellow Jackets are entirely capable of spending the afternoon punting, punting, punting until they force a fumble or an interception or a blocked kick. And their offense could get going if mercurial Quarterback Fred Braselton chooses New Year's to have one of his good days. When he is on he is a damaging passer and shrewd play-maker who can get a lot of yardage out of Halfbacks Billy Williamson and Frank Nix running wide. And if they're going well Braselton can send powerful, stand-up runner Taz Anderson straight up the middle, where his inability to cut, however, may hamper him. It would be old-style Georgia Tech football at its exciting best. An in-and-out team that has been plagued with injuries all year, Tech may sparkle fiercely. It hardly could go altogether flat.

Better little men

All season it was the same story: the good little men of Arkansas were usually better than the good big men they played against. Partly this was due to the astute game strategy of Coach Frank Broyles, but mostly it could be attributed to the team's great speed and mobility. Basically a running team, the fiery Razorbacks have two constant touchdown threats in Halfbacks Jim Mooty and Lance Alworth, running out of the slot-T formation which Arkansas favors. But Quarterback Jim Monroe is a deadly short passer and will throw long on occasion, mainly to the swift Alworth, thus giving his team a diversified attack. It is on defense that Arkansas will have to scramble. Its lack of size (the line averages 195 pounds) makes it vulnerable to straight-ahead power, and Arkansas frequently overshifts, exposing the short side of the field to end sweeps of the sort Tech dotes on. On the credit side, the fast Razorbacks seldom give up long passes and they possess a wonderful red-dogger in Linebacker Wayne Harris. Moreover, Broyles will want to shine against his old boss, Bobby Dodd. His team's speed and versatility should carry the day.