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Bob Gienapp, 14-year-old quarterback for Fullerton Falcons of southern California, scored all of his team's points in 14-0 victory over El Monte Meteors in National Pop Warner football game at Disneyland Bowl.

Ralph Howe, rangy Yale freshman from Philadelphia, took on fellow schoolmate Bob Hetherington in National Junior Singles squash racquets championship in Pittsburgh, defeated him 15-9, 15-11, 15-9.

Nancy Wakefield, 19-year-old blue-eyed beauty from Winter Haven, Fla., showed winning form (37-24-36) in Orange Bowl beauty competition at Miami, was chosen Queen, as well as girl with prettiest neck.

George Roden, 21, once-promising Colby halfback, was given Swede Nelson Sportsmanship Award after his football career was brought to end by injuries incurred helping an injured teammate in Williams game.

Robert Kadlec, National Field archery champion from Rochester, Minn., came within two points of world record when he shot single round of 780 at indoor American Round contest at University of Minnesota.

Gary Freymiller, 22, of El Cajon, Calif., proved how quick on the trigger he was (44/100 of a second) when he took on and outdrew a field of 120 gunslingers in national fast-draw championship at Las Vegas, Nev.

Lorne Worsley, hockey goalie sent down to Springfield Indians after his questionable showing with Rangers, turned in big league performance with first-place Indians with three shutouts in his first 14 games.