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16 New York's Decline and Fall
A mournful wail about sport in the Big Town, where the best is second-best

20 The Torture Must End
Showmen meeting this week can save the Tennessee Walking Horse. By Alice Higgins

22 The Stage Is Set at Squaw
A first look in color at the facilities for next month's Winter Olympics

34 A Is the Grade for Lucas
Ohio States' prize sophomore earns high marks on the basketball court and in the classroom

42 Friends, Lend Me Your Ears
The sad plight of an owner who didn't bet a dime the day his horse finally won a big bundle

44 Open Windows in the Ice
It may be cold outside, but an oil stove and hucklebuck keep a Minnesota angling house warm

60 New Magic in an Ancient Sea
Carleton Mitchell wanders the Virgin Islands by boat and turns up many surprises

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8 Basketball's Week
15 Coming Events
28 Events & Discoveries
38 Ski Tip
40 Food
42 Horse Racing
44 Fishing
48 Tip from the Top
49 Charles Goren
50 Sporting Look
55 College Football
58 Sport in Art
67 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

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Cover: Jerry Lucas

This handsome youngster, whose deep-set green eyes appraise the world with a calm and steady gaze, is the year's top college basketball rookie. His story starts on page 34.

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Next week

•On the eve of a new winter tour, last year's low-scoring, big-money winner, Art Wall, is the golfer to beat. Alfred Wright scouts the cast of pros who will tee off in California.

•Harry F. Guggenheim, a man who has put his brains and money to good philanthropic use, tells Editor Whitney Tower about his racing success with Cain Hoy Stable.

•Arizona's unique Desert Museum recently was endangered by mining grants. John O'Reilly tells how citizens of that state (and 26 others) won a victory for conservation.