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'Food for thought'

The Maine guide, that taciturn outdoorsman of the trackless down-East woods, is a fast-vanishing type. He needed only a rifle and a knife to make the woods his home, and the sportsman he took into the wilderness was taught self-reliance and learned from him to appreciate simple things.

At Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, Ross McKenney, one of the oldtime Maine guides, continues that honorable tradition. The college catalog lists him as instructor of folklore and woodcraft. The college has called him "friend, teacher, builder of cabins and builder of men." Under Ross McKenney a young Dartmouth undergraduate can learn to make a pair of snowshoes, to catch trout, to hunt deer, to build a log cabin, forge a knife, or construct a canoe. "The woods have everything you want," says McKenney, "food for eating, food for thought and eternal peace."