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Ski Tip

QUESTION: Every time I go straight and fast over the crest of a big bump or drop-off I loose control. Do I have to make a check turn before every crest in order to ski such terrain properly?

Answer: No. You are letting the bumps and drop-offs throw you up and out so that you land too hard to retain control. Use the prejump described on this page to cut the length of time your skis are off the ground and you will get a smooth ride and can keep control all the way. The prejump technique will work even if you are faced with a series of large bumps. You raise your skis so subtly that they barely leave the snow, and you press them quickly into the snow again on the far side of each bump. This gives you a loose-limbed action that takes you through the bumps without trouble.

Approaching crest at good speed, pick the skis off snow by drawing the feet up. Do not try to jump. The object is to clear the crest without making a long leap.

Crossing crest, lean forward from the waist for balance and continue to draw feet up until skis are well clear of snow. Bring knees up to chest if necessary. Skis stay level throughout jump.

Leaving crest, thrust skis downward quickly. Skis should hit snow all at once. If tail of ski hits first, tip slaps down and throws skier off balance. Land relaxed, not stiff.