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8 Fast Work at Aspen
The U.S. Alpine ski team held its final Olympic trials last week. A firsthand report by Roy Terrell

14 Fine Form for Rome
Young sportswomen on both sides of the Atlantic shape up for next summer's Olympics

24 Now Ike's Golf is Legal
Pennsylvania, repealing 1794 blue laws, now officially permits play on Sundays

26 Captain Harry of Cain Hoy Stable
Philanthropist Harry Guggenheim, was last year's top racing owner, much to his own surprise

30 "I Get Bloody Sick of Training"
Miler Herb Elliott takes a brisk hike, not meant to be fun, through the Australian Alps

38 Young Pros Go After the Vets
As the season moves into full swing, golf's newest stars battle for a bonanza of purses. By Al Wright

46 "We Don't Concede Anything"
So says California's Pete Newell, basketball genius. The man and his theory, by Robert H. Boyle

52 Victory in the Desert
How a citizens' protest saved Tucson's unique Desert Museum. By John O'Reilly

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Cover: Art Wall Jr.

Golf's leading money-winner during 1959, the perfectionist from Pennsylvania is favored to dominate the action on the winter circuit. For a preview of the season, turn to page 38.

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•With intimate, unobtrusive camera, Photographer Jerry Cooke records the life of Russia's citizens at play in the wintertime, from hockey in the park to sunbathing.

•A report on the comeback of High Jumper John Thomas, now recovered from his foot injury, in the first big meet of this Olympic year—the Boston K. of C. Games.

•The ancient Indian art of yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the West. A former Delhi correspondent and student of yoga, Joe David Brown, tells what it really is.