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Lithe ladies in motion—and in the news—were these three: Sharon Richardson (left), 16-year-old blonde from Jackson, Mich., and Muriel Davis (below), 19-year-old blonde from Indianapolis, both of whom spun and flipped to high scores in pre-Olympic gymnastic trials at Sarasota, Fla.; and Mary Bignal (right), 19-year-old blonde clerk in a London brewery, chosen Britain's Woman Athlete of 1959. In addition to being blonde and beautifully coordinated, all three have a common objective: to qualify in their specialties for the 1960 Rome Olympics.


SHARON RICHARDSON performs a handstand on uneven bars at Sarasota. Concentrating on Rome, she has "no time for boys."


MURIEL DAVIS displays form that won Sarasota tryouts and that makes her a good bet to lead the U.S. women's team at Rome. Her spare-time reading: Bertrand Russell.


MARY BIGNAL puts the shot. She is also a runner and hurdler, holds women's British pentathlon record. An American-music fan, she collects Nat (King) Cole records.