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14 Seven Feet Up
John Thomas, the youthful high jumper from Boston, makes a dramatic comeback

18 A Mighty Roar in Peoria
Bradley got Cincinnati on its home court, and the nation's No. 1 basketball team came tumbling down

20 Running on the Wind at 110 mph
There's nothing like iceboating for skittering thrills, as they show you in Oshkosh

22 Tune-ups and Tryouts
The camera catches some famous people in pursuits they aren't yet famous for

31 Players or Messenger Boys?
The new football rules make it, even more than before, a game for coaches

32 Russia's Icy Idyl
Thirty below is great weather for games. A color portfolio by Jerry Cooke

56 Yoga Comes West
Joe David Brown explains an ancient Eastern art which now has many followers in the U.S.

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63 19th Hole
66 Pat on the Back

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Cover: Hockey in Russia

The violent Russian winter does not dismay Soviet sports enthusiasts. They go in for everything from hockey to sunbathing in bikinis, as the pictures on pages 32-36 show.

Photograph by Jerry Cooke














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