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Bonuses for Boats

Attractive new products give safety and utility for sailors in all types of weather and water

Sleek mirror by Supersite Corporation is made of polished brass and chrome, affords wide-angle vision. Price: $6.95.

Hardy 8-inch water-resistant trumpet of the Ferrell Manufacturing Company is powered by 15-ounce battery. Price: $29.

Powerful dry chemical extinguisher by Walter Kidde & Co. weighs 2½ pounds, is recharged with simple kit. Price: $19.75.

Handy spray can for varnish is product of International Paint Company, eliminates sticky cans and brushes. Price: $1.95.

Giant sponge by Burgess Cellulose Company can absorb large volume of water, makes efficient bailing device. Price: $1.49.

Rugged compass by Aqua Meter has direct-reading dome card, gear-synchronized compensators for accuracy. Price: $10.95.

Compact chrome lantern, developed by Burgess Battery Company, is lightweight, powerful and waterproof. Price: $4.98.