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10 A Brave Man and a Good Friend
Basketball Star Maurice Stokes recovers slowly from paralysis in a Cincinnati hospital

18 Snatched from the Jaws of the Gym
Some old hockey players on Long Island make sure their sons are taught the right game

24 Should Chicago Have All the Fun?
An argument for giving all major league cities the benefits now found in only one

30 Sugar's Show Goes On
A visit with Fighter Ray Robinson, whose defeat has not ended his act. By Gilbert Rogin

34 Young, Cute, Deadly
Primed to end Europe's domination of Olympic ski events are the girls of the U.S. team

40 Olympic Buffet
A bounty of fine eating and sunny California hospitality await visitors to the Winter Games

52 A Wet and Windy Clambake
Foul weather and high spirits again marked the Crosby Pro-Amateur, one of golf's best parties

58 The Forgotten Fun of Driving
Five fabulous automobiles taught A. W. Miller that the road—open or crowded—is sport

The departments

4 Basketball's Week
9 Scoreboard
16 Wonderful World
20 Events & Discoveries
38 Ski Tip
40 Food
44 Track
48 Sport in Art
49 Horse Racing
51 Charles Goren
52 Golf
56 Tip from the Top
57 Fishing
65 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 9

Cover: Betsy Snite

Poised, sophisticated and—on occasion—ruthless, this willowy racer from Vermont is one of the American girls who could dominate the Alpine ski events at Squaw Valley.

Painting by Daniel Schwartz














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•The appealing Bedlington terrier represents a breed that has proved impervious to the dangers of dog shows. Other dogs have been less fortunate. Virginia Kraft explains why.

•Soccer is far and away the world's most popular sport. A picture essay by Brian Seed reveals the spirit and fascination of this fast-moving game as played in Great Britain.

•Hong Kong is a city totally oriented to the water. Carle-ton Mitchell investigates its boatways and byways in a story part travel, part yachting and part Oriental exotica.