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16 A Blow at the 'Big Game'
Jack Kramer's pros are playing under a new rule that may revive the tennis rally

18 Invasion from the West
California has a great field of 3-year-olds getting ready for the Kentucky Derby

24 Fishing's First 'World Series'
Florida billfish, bonefish and bass test the skill of some of the best anglers in the world

37 Nixon Defies Old Harry
The Vice-President faces up to "the golf issue" as the candidates tee off for 1960

38 Britain's Best Eleven
A six-page photographic essay on a great soccer team, Tottenham Hotspur

54 In Search of Snowbirds
Virginia Kraft describes a subarctic hunt for the elusive (and almost invisible) ptarmigan

70 A Yachtsman Finds Hong Kong
The sailing and shopping are just as good as the food—which is terrific. By Carleton Mitchell

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6 Scoreboard
8 Basketball's Week
14 Coming Events
20 Wonderful World
26 Events & Discoveries
44 Tip from the Top
48 Food
50 Pro Football
54 Hunting
58 Ski Tip
59 Track
62 Dogs
66 Charles Goren
77 19th Hole
80 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 6

Cover: Champion Bedlington

This dog represents one of the few breeds that have won at Westminster—and survived. For the unhappy story of cockers, poodles, fox terriers and boxers, see page 62.

Photograph by John G. Zimmerman

Next week

•The Russians pour into California this month—along with hundreds of Austrians, Canadians, Japanese, French and Liechtensteinians, among others—to compete in the 1960 Winter Olympic Games at Squaw Valley. For readers who will see the Games in person or follow them on TV and radio, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED presents a special Preview that explains the complexities of the snow and ice events and singles out the skiers and skaters most likely to succeed. Plus a color gallery of these remarkably handsome athletes, male and female.