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Jerrie Cobb, 28, Of Norman, Okla., who started flying at 12, has logged more than 6,000 flight hours, has set three world records, was named aviation's "woman of the year" by Women's NAA in Washington.

David Freed, 50, Salt Lake City financier, 1954 national seniors tennis champion, was surprise choice of the USLTA to replace retired Perry Jones as new nonplaying captain of U.S. Davis Cup team (see page 16).

Bill Disney, 27, Alhambra, Calif. speed skater, spun rapidly around Squaw Valley's skating oval during a trial heat for U.S. Olympic team at nearly 30 mph, set unofficial world record of 40.1 for 500 meters.

Barbara Ann Roles, 18, of Temple City, Calif., stuck to conservative but flawlessly executed routine in U.S. figure-skating championships at Seattle, won a spirited fight for second place behind Carol Heiss.

Ray Patterson, 17, aided by well-known brother Floyd in his corner, showed brother's fast hands, leaping left hook, reached 175-pound subnovice quarter-finals at Golden Gloves tournament in New York.

John G. Clock, 63-year-old Long Beach, Calif. lawyer, moving after nine years on U.S. Golf Association executive committee, was elected to two-year term as USGA's president at annual meeting in New York.

Danny Heater, 6-foot Burnsville, W. Va. HS basketball star, gave big lift to latest schoolboy craze, scored 135 points in spectacular bid for college scholarship, set new high school record for single game.