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Ski Tip

QUESTION: I always seem to have trouble negotiating a narrow corridor or an obstructed section in a trail. Is there a quick turn that will help me?

Answer: Yes, but you must make the turn before you get to the tight spot. Trouble comes when your skis are turning instead of tracking as they go through. If they are turning they will naturally slew against one side or the other. Pick a spot some distance uphill and make your turn—any turn will do—where you are free from obstacles. Cut the turn off as your skis line up on a path straight through the bad spot and then follow that path. Don't try to stem or slow down in passing. Wait until you are in the clear to make a turn. This technique is the same as that used by a racer in a slalom gate—he turns first and then he shoots through.

Approaching tight spot, prepare to make complete turn some distance away.

Turning toward spot, be ready to cut turn off as skis line up properly.

Running through, hold to straight path. Do not try to stem or slow down.

Solid line shows the correct path through narrow spot. Dotted line is wrong path.