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4—R. Pelatowski
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10—Dick Darcey-Washington Post
14—map by Jack Kunz
17—Jerry Cooke
18, 19—Brian Seed
20—Joern Gerdts (3), Jerry Cooke
21—map by Jack Kunz
22, 23—drawings by Burt Silverman
25—Brian Seed, diagram by Jack Kunz
26—Paris-Match, Brian Seed
27—Richard Meek
29—Lee Balterman
30, 31—John G. Zimmerman
39—Phil Bath, Farrell Grehan
40, 41—Hy Peskin (2), Phil Both
42—Jay B. Leviton
47—Charles Vaughn-Atlanta Journal Constitution
54—drawings by Ajay
61—Tom Burnside
64—Hector Garcia
68—Leo Choplin
74—right, from "The Red Man," The Carlisle Indian Press
75—Esther Bubley
77—from "The Red Man," The Carlisle Indian Press
88—Lynn Pelham