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MEMO from the publisher

Sports Illustrated's Advertising Director, L. L. Callaway Jr., sometimes inserts a note to our advertisers in their copies of this magazine. Just after the first of the year he wrote them:

The wonderful world of sport will certainly lead off the decade with its best foot, as the Winter Olympics get under way next month. With high thoughts like these in mind it was a little disconcerting to read in a recent issue of Ad Age a letter from Roy Hilligoss of Milwaukee.

" 'Sport brings out the best in people,' advertises SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. Happy examples they might have listed: the debris thrown onto hockey ice...'kill the umpire' and flying beer cans...the maiming of Otto Graham and Bobby Layne...the general high level ethics of the fight game."

Mr. Hilligoss might also have added the Pier 6 brawl at December's Giants-Browns game. And yet, we still believe that for most of our generally self-controlled readers, sport is an incentive to the best rather than to the worst.

However, we promise to try not to be too solemn about our slogan, as those of you who are New York commuters will soon see in a series of two-sheet station posters. One is reprinted here in miniature.

I hope I can add, without being too solemn, that SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S people, for their part, will keep trying to bring out the best in sport.