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20 The Heroes of Squaw Valley
Some revolutions were afoot, and some mighty victories were cheered at the Winter Games

30 Wild Day at Daytona
Sparks, fenders, whole automobiles went flying at the first big stock-car races of the year

40 Scientific Advice: 'Shut Up!'
An oscilloscope shows what can happen when a backseat driver joins you on a sporty course

46 Squaw is a Furry Festival
Fashion Editor Fred R. Smith finds some exciting new skin games at the Olympics

49 From Riches to Rags
Faces out of prizefighting's recent past stare at the passer-by from tattered billboards

56 Indiana Makes a Big Splash
The once humble Hoosier swimmers came up this week with a stunning win over Michigan

68 The Webb of Mystery
The co-owner of the Yankees, Del E. Webb, is brought to stage center by Joe David Brown

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8 Scoreboard
15 Basketball's Week
37 Events & Discoveries
44 Food
46 Sporting Look
54 Baseball
56 Swimming
58 Travel
61 Tip from the Top
62 Track
64 Charles Goren
81 19th Hole
84 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 12

Cover: Opening Day

U.S. Figure Skater Carol Heiss takes the athletes' oath to open the Winter Games at Squaw Valley. A word and picture report on the first winners begins on page 21.

Photograph by John G. Zimmerman














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